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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by bugger, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Bugger,I was thinking(a dangerous thing)about your shelter. If it is a case of not wanting to slum around,forget this post. Now if you do not mind dumpster diving(can be fun) you might accidentally find a good supply of materials.[​IMG]  [​IMG]

    My Son , however will travel to your residence and build you a "MAN-CAVE".Custom,if you please. PM me if needed.Put America back to work!

    Oh, cost is material and$100./day [​IMG]
  2. nwdave

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    Buy a tarp that's as close to the size needed as possible.  Start in one corner working both outbound legs with heavy PLASTIC TIE WRAPS or two if not heavy, through the grommet holes.  I prefer to alternate tying the legs to help keep it square as I work the two legs. 

    This should leave you with two unattached legs.  You have the choice of folding the longest remaining leg under the pipe and attaching with bungee cords (please don't use the rubber ones, they deterioate too quickly and you'll have surpises ((don't ask how I know))), or you could fold over the edge about three times, then insert new grommets (most big box stores sell the grommet kits) (and add perhaps twice as many as came with the tarp) then tie wrap.

    160 inches of snow, I'd add some 4x4 posts and hope for the best.  You gotta remember, these are REALLY temporary structures.
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    If anyone's still interested, here is what my son did for his MES 40.

    Home Depot on sale----$169:


  4. Thats the way to go Bearcarver
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    i have a pop up canopy from walmart that cost 90 works great when it rains to keep off the water from my smoker....other then using it when it rain's mine just sits outside on the deck, sure it is starting to show some rust (character) but a little paint in the spring will help it live a bit longer....i'm gonna build a RF soon anyway from a 150 gal propane tank..........bob

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    $100 dollars a day is very reasonable.
  7. After seeing your post I went out and bought essentially the same unit given that I'm sure you know exactly what you are doing.  I have a MES 30.  

    So I assume there is no real issue with heat transfer or the like?  Given that this is an older post, you would know if he ever experienced warping over the years??

    I bought a roll of reflective insulation that I plan to line the inside with.  Hopefully that will increase the heat retention and decrease any chance of warping the resin.

    Thanks for any updates you might have on his success with it.  
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    This is where I am also, but It must be sturdy enough to keep the bears out. Also the wife wants a dedicated garbage area in the shed. Going to pour a concrete pad. and use 4x4 posts to a roof at 4/12 pitch covered with roof shingles. Cedar siding and sliding closet type doors. We have an architect designed home and It HAS to look like it was designed to fit in. That is her only demand. So be it. 14' long long and 5' deep and 6' tall.
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  9. bearcarver

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    Bear Proof???

    How 'bout 1" thick Steel on all 6 sides?[​IMG]

    Secured to 3' depth of concrete with 3/4" Rebar, so they can't roll it away??

  10. mummel

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  11. lol that could get expensive[​IMG]
  12. mcollect

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    They are only black bears so with plywood and covered in hardware cloth Then cedar I should be good. They have destroyed three smokers by flipping them over then down  the hill. So A little investment of time and money is well spent, as I have the WSM18 and a kettle with the deluxe Kettle pizza attachment. Plus the wife demands a bear proof garbage shelter.
  13. bearcarver

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    The Bears I have at my house have better manners:

    A Bear from Log to Finish

    And assorted Bears

  14. I didn't read the whole thread but welding blankets work too!! They can take the heat and hold it in, won't burn up and keep the rain off the smoker. Not bear proof!
  15. skootchnc

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    make it tall enough to stand under.

    My winter plan, is to move the smoker, and grill off the deck, and expandvthe paver patio.

    I will take 4x4 posts 10 ft long, and sink them 2 ft below finished grade. pour concrete around the posts, and then a simple "flat roof" about 7.5 ft high on the smoker side, and 8 ft at the other end, giving a nice gentle fall  (6 % +/-) 8ft to the side, which will keep the cost manageable.

    That will keep ME out of the rain, while I am doing  what i love.

    In FL you would want hurricane straps, and of course whatever your local codes require
  17. Thought I posted this a while back, but can't find it.

    This is what I built about 6 months or so ago.  Worked great all winter long and now giving some shade this summer.  Still would like to add some weather/shade curtains to the sides.



  18. bearcarver

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    My Son never had any warping problems with his, but he always had it open when smoking.

    He hasn't used it in quite awhile, since he got his BGE.

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    I'm going to buy the Lifetime horizontal shed at some point.  Has lifts to keep the roof up in the event of a storm. 
  20. Thanks Bear, that's great info.    I am so glad I bought this.    I'm not a big DIY person, so something clean and easy was great.

    And thanks micrometereye  for the bump.   [​IMG]

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