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  1. I'm thinking on a propane verticle smoker. I found what I thought to be a deal a Char Broil, On CL. Research shows the shelves are 13 3/4 square. Kinda small for the traditional Thanksgiving Turkey. Masterbuilt 30 and 40 only tell total cooking surface, which seems to work out to about the same if they and I do the math right. I find the editing/proof reading on many sites are somewhat lacking.

     Can someone measure and post the actual shelf sizes for their MPS 30 or 40 ?
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    MES 30.. usable room about 13.5 x 12... about 650 sq. in.

    If you get the MES 30, get the generation #1... There may be a problem with the connectors to the heating element corroding, but it is easily repaired.... I've been using mine for about 5 years... it has several modifications to make my life easier.. I really like it .... too small about 10% of the time.. but it does a great job...

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  3. Thanks for the info. If I get a new smoker it will be propane. I need simple, not for me exactly but the wife. I seldom have time to babysit and add wood/chips. so, if she's going to use it, it better be simple.

     I need to be able to do a 20 lb or so Turkey. The 13 x 13 i don't think will cut it. My quest continues. There are a couple I ve found but they lack the conveince of 2 door.
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  5. An electric is tempting. The idea of running it thru a PID for amazing temp control does excite me. but electric cords and foul weather, no outdoor outlet are strong reasons to avoid them.

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