Shelf life of meat sticks

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  1. Maybe this has been covered before, does anyone know what should be the shelf life of meat sticks that have cure #1 and smoked and stored at room temp. Or is there something that can be added so they can have a long shelf life at room temp. Also these have been vac packed. 
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  2. You can use potassium sorbate to help stave off mold - I've used it on jerky several times. I've never had to worry about snack sticks going bad though - they disappear way before that could ever happen!  [​IMG]
  3. Thanks Smoking B, You always see slim jims and others in stores, just don't want to have to keep thawing mine out. Do you have any idea on how much to use. Thanks again.
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  4. I've seen recommendations ranging from 250ppm all the way up to 1,000ppm for use with meat products. When I use it for jerky I go with 500ppm. Make a solution with water & the potassium sorbate then either mist with a spray bottle or dip - just make sure you get all surfaces covered & let dry before you cover or package them. With jerky it will keep it from molding for 3 - 4 weeks but as I said I never had to use it on sticks...
  5. Thanks for the info Smoking B, I might have to give it a try.
  6. You're quite welcome  [​IMG]

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