Shark, Cusk and twice baked potatoes

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  1. Ok so here is my second smoke! Looking good so far. 12 hour dry brine , 1 hour Cherry wood. Which wine shall I pair this with?
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  2. That's a nice looking and full smoker  

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  3. Just back from a night away and seeing this fabulous post! How fantastic! It must have smelled amazingly aromatic too! beautiful job!

    By now, I am hoping that you enjoyed copious wines, but jumping into the party a little late, I will still suggest a spicier red - either a Rhone wine, or Syrah/Shiraz from anywhere that you like, or a Malbec blend.

    This all must have been delicious! Share the verdict and which wine you ended up with too! Sorry to reply so late!

    Cheers!!! - Leah
  4. Thanks Leah. Ended up with a merlot.
  5. Oh Good! Glad you had something nice with all that delicious food!!! Cheers!!! - Leah

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