Sharing My Smoke Daddy Cold Shack. Please Advise!

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by gooden123, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Hi all. So on a whim I decided to give cold smoking a try which I deeply researched. I live in South NJ where we have all 4 seasons so I wanted it to be adaptable to have electric hot plates in the bottom door for cold days and room for ice above and below for hot days (it cools from 82 degrees to 66 in 15 minutes on a Maverick E732 and never got above 71 degrees in 4 hours smoke time). The only problem is that I focused too much on temperature control and not enough on the smoke. So I literally high temp caulked every possible nook and cranny and weatherstripped the doors. So I found myself smoking lox with the 2 vents open and the doors 1/2 open. The Smoke Daddy (Big Kahuna) puts off too much smoke on the lowest air pump setting for Lox in my dimensions so I ended up leaving that unplugged for the most part. But it's wood and I can make holes so that's in the works of how I want to make more ventilation. Thanks if anyone has input!
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    Bump. Help please
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    I'm not a built guy but Dave Omak is good with design. Shoot him a PM...JJ
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    Gooden, morning...   Sorry for the late response... 

    As you know, good air flow is important to great smoke flavor...  Your smoker is lacking in area of inlets and exhaust...   The Smoke Daddy, from what others have noted, makes a bunch of creosote..  In your other thread, you are not pleased with the AMNPS... 

    May I suggest you attempt to condense the creosote before it enters the smoker....  Aluminum dryer duct, flexible or rigid, seems to work very well...  Generate the smoke at the entrance to the aluminum ducting, allow for several feet for the condensate to occur...  some folks use 6-8 feet of duct...    Have the duct elevated a couple inches per foot of run so draft will move the smoke....  NOTE... the smoker MUST BE above ambient air temperature for this to work, or a fan or blower will be needed to move the smoke...  A small box fan, like on a computer, is a good choice...  Also, a speed controller for the fan may be necessary....  Amazon has many speed controllers for 110V and 12V....

    I have used this controller for many applications with great success, from fans to electric skillets....  about $15...

    • [​IMG]
    Roll over image to zoom in


    Yeeco AC 110V 4000W SCR Voltage Regulator Speed Control Driver Dimming Dimmer Thermostat Governing Temperature Governor Fan Motor Controller

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    Wow awesome thanks for the detailed response! And sorry if there was a misunderstanding on the AMNPS. I have never used one but I will order one and try that! Also I will add more vents and see how that goes. Thanks again!

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