sfprankster's (mis)adventures with Smoked Meatloaf

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sfprankster, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. No it wasn't just a coincidence Jeff sent out an email with a recipe for meatloaf today. My gf decided on meatloaf this afternoon and I went along with it. [​IMG]  This is her recipe for meatloaf. With me me being the official food chopper in the household, I got to be involved in more than just the smoking portion of tonight's dinner. [​IMG]  

    Hickory Smoked Meatloaf

    All begins with the basics...


    ...all mixed together with sourdough bread crumbs and beaten eggs and placed into a pyrex loaf pan...

    ...homemade tomato sauce over the top and into my WSM, over hickory, at 250-260...

    ...and finished at an internal temperature of 160...

    ...aided by the magic of an extra long, flexible spatula...

     Served with corn on the cob and steamed broccoli...

    Busy week smoking food in the sfprankster household. [​IMG]

    Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!
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  2. dukeburger

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    Don't know what I'm more impressed with, your meatloaf or the cleanliness of your WSM!

    Either way... [​IMG]Nice work!
  3. Thanx!!

    I religiously clean my WSM everytime, before I fire it up. [​IMG]

    ...brush the grates with a wire brush...

    ...change the foil in the water pan...

    ...check the lid and chamber for loose flakes that may fall onto my food...

    That way, I never get the rancid flavors in my food from old, burnt drippings and grease everywhere. Not to mention, no fire flare ups. [​IMG]
  4. A little late night prep... [​IMG]

    The last meatloaf came out so well, we made a couple of changes for round 2... [​IMG]

    Adding some chopped crimini mushrooms into the mix...

    ...mixed and ready for a an overnight rest in the fridge...


    ...all set and ready to go...

    ...just unwrap, add a few spoonfuls of our homemade tomato sauce, and into my WSM for a crack of 11ish or noon smoke over a combination of pecan/cherry...    [​IMG]  
  5. Ahhhhhhhh...

    ...nearing the crack of 11... [​IMG]

    ...second cup of coffee in hand... [​IMG]

    ...WSM coming up to temperature... [​IMG]  

    ...meatloaf out of the fridge, sauced and ready to go onto the WSM...

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  6. Onto the WSM a little after 11...

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  7. Cruising along nicely...

  8. Hit an internal temperature of 160 and allowed to rest for 30 minutes...

    ...slices missing(must be aliens [​IMG]  )... 

    Today being served with buttered, mashed potatoes and cantaloupe... [​IMG]

    Very different from the meatloaf from a few days ago. The first, smoked over hickory only, made the tomato sauce taste like a bbq sauce. With the meatloaf being smoked in a loaf pan, the meatloaf itself, didn't take on the hickory flavor. This reminded me more of an oven baked meatloaf, rather than being smoked.

    Today's meatloaf, being exposed to the cherry/pecan smoke, the tomato sauce remained slightly acidic. While the meatloaf took on the sweet smokiness of the cherry, with slight undertones of nuttiness. For me, this created a much better overall flavor to the meatloaf.

    I can foresee spaghetti and smoked meatballs coming to the menu SOON!! [​IMG]

    And now we return you to your regular programming... [​IMG]
  9. b-one

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    I'm not a big enough fan of meatloaf to go back to back but they sure look tasty!
  10. Thanx!!

    It was fun experimenting with a couple of variables between the two.

    I'm in the beginning of a 60+ hour work week and not enough time to smoke much beyond this. The first meatloaf was small, barely  a pound and is long gone already. 

    I still have enough ribs(3/4 rack) and chicken thighs(6-8) to get me through my road trip to SF/Alameda tomorrow and my appointments all over Santa Cruz/Capitola on Thursday. Friday I get a short break, but I'm back on the road for more work over the weekend. 
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  11. mummel

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    Wow this looks great.  My wife makes a good meat loaf.  I think I should try this.
  12. chewmeister

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    Looks great. Keep wanting to try this just can't find the time yet. Too many irons in the fire right now.
  13. Thanx!!

    It's an easy and quick smoke.

    I hear you, I'm in the middle of a 60+ hour work week and this gaves me a couple of good meals for the road.
  14. deer hunters

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    Just a little advice on using that wire brush on your grates.  I have had 2 situations where a piece of wire from the wire brush came loose and was in a burger I cooked. Had to rush brother of mine to ER to remove. Check carefully for this BBQ chefs.
  15. garyhibbert

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    Both meat loafs look great, but the one smoked without the pan would be my choice--lot more smoke flavor.

  16. Hope all turned out well!!

    The first one, the tomato sauce picked up the hickory smoke and made the sauce have a tasty flavor profile. With the way it was smoked, essentially, no smoke made it into the meat.

    The second, I used a lighter variety of woods, to compensate for the additional smoke absorbed by the meat. Next time, I'll add a stronger smoke into a pan less version. In an attempt to replicate the smokiness of the tomato sauce and the additional flavor within the meat.

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