sfprankster's (mis)adventures with Fire Roasted Salsa

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  1. Tomatoes are beginning to come into season and making regular appearances in the local farmer's markets here in CA. What better way to celebrate the harvest than to make some Fire Roasted Salsa on the trusty and dusty Weber kettle.

    Having some leftover mesquite lump charcoal from a previous grilling session... [​IMG]  

    We begin this (mis)adventure by giving the tomatoes,  peppers, sliced onions and garlic a light lube with evoo and a dusting of fresh cracked black pepper... [​IMG]  

    ...placing the chilies(poblano and a pair of jalapenos) over the direct heat to char and blister the skin ... [​IMG]

    ...sliced onions, garlic and tomatoes placed into a perforated grill pan, so I don't sacrifice any of the goodness to the grill gods... [​IMG]


    ...once the peppers are blistered and charred, remove them from the grill and place into a paper bag or a bowl covered with stretch wrap to continue to steam... 


    ...continue to toss the onions and garlic, and place the tomatoes over the direct heat... [​IMG]


    ...remove the tomatoes from the direct heat when the skins begin to split...

    Now the real FUN begins... [​IMG]

    Remove the skins from the chilies and tomatoes...

    ...if you a are a manly man or woman, you do this step without gloves... [​IMG]


    ...rough chop the peppers, garlic and onions and place into a large bowl...

    ...same with the tomatoes...

    ...a little fresh lime zest and fresh squeezed lime juice...


    ...add your favorite combination of spices and fresh chopped cilantro...


    ...give it good stir and let sit for a minimum of an hour...

    ...and enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips, over eggs, in tacos or burritos, or any other method of consumption...

    Now you have Fire Roasted Salsa, Santa Cruz mountains style... [​IMG]

    PLEASE NOTE: all measurements are as accurate as possible using no measuring cups or spoons...  [​IMG]  
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  2. b-one

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    Looks great!
  3. Thanx!!

    I make a peach salsa that's absolutely DANGEROUS...

    It's a tough one to stop eating until it's too late... [​IMG]  
  4. crazymoon

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    SFP, You can send some my way! Your salsa looks excellent ![​IMG]
  5. Thanx!!

    Once you begin making salsa at home, you'll never want to eat store bought salsa again... [​IMG]  

    It's the time of year my local farmer's begin giving sweet deals on cosmetically challenged fruits and veggies. Having a commercial kitchen to work in, we have the facilities to can and jam enough fresh fruits and veggies to get us through the following winter/spring.
  6. crazymoon

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    SFP, That sounds like a great deal to stock up for winter !
  7. now m hungry.... that looks awesome 
  8. We end up canning local, organic fruits and veggies almost every other week during the summer and fall. Mostly strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, stone fruits(apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums and pluots). Once the tomatoes begin to flood the local farmer's market, we preserve them in every imaginable way. From whole to crushed to sauces. Then its open and relive the summer harvest any time of year. [​IMG]  These make great gifts as well. 

    I make an apricot/habanero marinade/sauce that can be scary, but it's soooo good!! [​IMG]  Since both the habanero and apricot are the same color, once I run the immersion blender through it, there's no picking out the habaneros from the apricots. This marinade is one of my favorites on chicken.
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  9. @sfprankster  i know this is completely irrelevant but i really like your avatar pic
  10. c farmer

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    Wow, looks awesome.

    Points for this.
  11. I found the image on a random google search and it reminded me of a friend that has pugs, that run his life 24/7. 

    I try to use whatever fruits/veggies are locally grown and in the peak of their season.

    If you skip all the grilling/roasting, this makes a simple salsa fresca in a few minutes. Either way makes a tasty salsa, but I do prefer the flavors and tenderness of the roasted veggies over raw for this recipe.
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