sfprankster's (mis)adventures with Figs, Prosciutto and FIRE!!!

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  1. I found several varieties of figs at my local farmer's market last Tuesday. Not being one to shy away from ways to bring fresh, seasonal fruit to the dinner table. I picked up a basket and let the ideas flow through my head. Figs being an earthy, honey sweet flavor, I decided to wrap them in prosciutto and do a quick grill on my kettle. Once finished cooking, I drizzled a merlot vinegar reduction over the top to finish.

    If have never tried prosciutto, it is PURE PORK BLISS!!!

    Prosciutto Wrapped Figs

    Fresh from the farmer's market...


    ...washed, stemmed and halved...

    ...prosciutto di parma sliced paper thin...

    ...cut the prosciutto into strips and wrap each fig half, then secure with a toothpick...

    ...onto the kettle for a quick crisp of the prosciutto and to heat the fig through...


    ...reduce the merlot vinegar to a syrup...

    ...couple of drops of the vinegar reduction onto each fig and they're ready to eat...

    CAUTION: May be habit forming!! Try at your own risk!!  [​IMG]  
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    Growing up in an Italian household figs were a part of our lives.  My wife doesn't care for them so I get them all to myself to enjoy.  I may have to make a special trip to the Italian Market across town for some good prosciutto then grill those babies up.  Thanks for the idea SFP!
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    prosciutto di parma.... [​IMG]  I see you are going for the good stuff. This looks really good. 
  4. Anytime!!

    Like it says above, "try at your own risk". The combination of the sweet fig, along with the salty and smoky prosciutto, and the sweet/tart of the merlot vinegar reduction are a dangerous combination together. [​IMG]

    I always try to use whatever fruits/veggies are in season at the time. It took me a few attempts, but I finally got my gf to try some figs at the SF Ferry Bldg farmer's market a few years ago

    and now there is no turning back. [​IMG]

    You only live once! [​IMG]  

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