sfprankster's (mis)adventures with a Second Thanksgiving Dinner or The I Didn't Get Any Leftovers Me

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sfprankster, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. I ended up being volunteered to make the Thanksgiving Dinner for my gf's family again this year. As I always do, I try to expose them to something new and nontraditional every year. This time around, it was smoked beef chuck short ribs and for a new veggie, roasted fennel. The Thanksgiving meal I prepared can be found >>HERE<<. I saved the last rack to smoke this weekend, knowing my gf's family would devour the racks I made for Thanksgiving, then end up fighting over the leftovers. [​IMG]

    Pecan Smoked Beef Chuck Ribs

    The only difference with today's smoke and Thanksgiving, is I made the switch from hickory to pecan. More so for my own experimentation, than for any other reason. Same rub, same temperatures, same lower grate in my WSM.

    Ready to go...

    ...a little fresh rub and into the WSM...


    Since I had plenty of extra space in my WSM, I smoked a couple of white onions for use in future meals. No plans to use them as of yet, just when I need to add that extra layer of flavor. [​IMG]

    Simply drizzled with evoo, salt and fresh cracked black pepper and cut into wedges...

    ...and into the WSM along with chuck short ribs...

    ...through the magic of timelapse photography and patience... [​IMG]


    Great way to add additional flavor to any recipe calling for onions... [​IMG]  
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  2. b-one

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    SWMBO gave away most of our leftovers,as usual. Ever just leave the onion whole I really like how they come out maybe I'm just to lazy and stop after cutting the ends off!:biggrin: I need to find some nice beef ribs sometime until then I'll wait for pics!:sausage:
  3. I ended up with a small piece of apple pie, some mac 'n cheese and the salad makings we left at home.

    Resting comfortably before going to the cutting board and undergoing the knife...

  4. b-one

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  5. The first cuts... [​IMG]


    Dinner is served!!!


    Bones destined for a large pot of pho'... [​IMG]

    Another rough day in the Santa Cruz mountains, sfprankster style... [​IMG]
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  6. I always cut them into wedges since my gf doesn't like them undercooked.

    The onions must be fully limp before she will eat them. [​IMG]  
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    Very nice , Prankster :biggrin::drool

    Wish I could I could even fiñd Beefy Ribs !

  8. b-one

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    Looks beefalicious!
  9.  Thanx!!!

    I'm lucky enough to live close enough to civilization to be able to find almost any ingredients I would ever need.
    They are just as addicting as tri tips, if not more so. [​IMG]

    If you find them near you, hoard them. [​IMG]  
  10. Can you say "today's lunch special"?

    Sure you can... [​IMG]

  11. Another side dish I made for Thanksgiving. An apple cranberry sauce from organic, fresh crop, Gala apples and dried cranberries. I was out of the Gala apples, so i substituted Pippin apples for this batch of sauce. The Pippins are a little less sweet than the Gals and definitely more tart. I had to add a couple of tablespoons of an organic sugar to bring a little sweetness to the sauce.

    Everything into the pan, apples, cranberries, cinnamon, allspice, ginger and water... [​IMG]

    ...let it all cook down...

    ...if it gets too thick and begins sticking to the pan, add more water...


    ...this won't last long around here... [​IMG]

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    Id take a plate of that! Nice Smoke!
  13. Thanx!!!

    I had to remake Thanksgiving all over again so we could enjoy some leftovers too. Nothing made it home from our Thanksgiving dinner. It was hilarious to watch my gf's family blocking/elbowing each other in the kitchen over the Thanksgiving leftovers. 

    I may have ruined them for BBQ(again). [​IMG]  

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