sfprankster's (mis)adventures with a New Toy - OXO Food Scale

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  1. Another new toy added into the sfprankster home arsenal, an OXO Food Scale.


    11 lb capacity

    Pullout digital readout

    Back lit display

    Use anywhere-powered by 4 AAA batteries



    Will make converting recipes from metric to imperial as easy as a touch of a button. [​IMG]
  2. chef jimmyj

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    I have had one for several years...Love it. Has a large platform and the pull out readout is nice with big hunks of meat or large bin. Only down side is doesn't have the accuracy to measure small quantities of Cure and Spices...JJ
  3. It's mostly for my gf. This will make her baking projects easier and more consistent. I'll only get to use it occasionally. She's already hidden it away in the kitchen cabinets somewhere.
    FYI: I went off yours and a few others recommendations, so I blame you for getting this... [​IMG]  

    Next on the list: a meat grinder

    The meat grinder, I'll wait a few weeks to find it on sale... [​IMG]
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  4. tropics

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    I have that scale and I like it,also have the AWS 100 for measuring cures,

  5. [​IMG]  

    The readout is strange and will take time getting used to, with the 1/8, 1/4, etc of a gram/ounce. Instead of going into the .1, .2, .3 route.

    I do have a small, accurate scale at work I can use for the time being. It's small and easily transportable. 

    This one, I plan on using at mostly home.

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