sfprankster's (mis)adventure on a Day Late and a Dollar Short Father's Day Smoke Round 2

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  1. I made a thread in the Pork section today, but the real item I was smoking was a mini rack of beef short ribs I picked up earlier this week. Rubbed with a random selection of spices in my spice drawer and placed into the refrigerator overnight. Then smoked over hickory at 225 using the 3-2-1 method. For the last hour, I used a tomato/honey/chili based bbq sauce.


    Freshly placed onto my WSM...

    After the first three hours...


    After phase II of the 3-2-1 method, a relaxing sauna of Guinness and drippings while wrapped in foil. Now ready for some sauce to be slathered on. Accompanied with a couple of ears of corn during the last lonely hour... [​IMG]


    After 6 hours in my WSM. Bbq sauce is now all sticky and thick... [​IMG]

    First slice...

    ...like cutting through room temperature butter... 

    Served with roasted garlic smashed potatoes, a spoonful of the Guinness jus and grilled corn on the cob... 

    Now I truly know how Fred Flintstone felt at the drive in... [​IMG]  
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    Tasty looking ribs! Gotta love beef ribs! Nice smoke!

  3. Thanx!!

    It was difficult sneaking them home without the gf finding them. If she had noticed them, I would have had to go back and have them cut flanken style and making my gf's favorite, kalbi.

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