sfprankster's First Try at Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sfprankster, May 21, 2015.

  1. Using a simple light rub of salt, pepper and granulated garlic, I began the smoking of my first brisket. [​IMG]  I ran my WSM at 240-250 using a combination of lump mesquite charcoal and cherry for the duration of the smoke.


    Sneaking a peek at 2 hours in:

    4 hours and the internal temperature has reached160:

    At this point, I wrapped the brisket in foil and splashed a quarter bottle of Guinness and a couple of smashed garlic cloves into the foil wrap and replaced the brisket onto my WSM to finish smoking. Ahhhhhhh, the rest of the Guinness is mine... [​IMG]


    6 hours and finally reached an internal temperature of 190. At this point, the brisket still had a fair amount of resistance to a toothpick, so I continued smoking, checking every 30 minutes for tenderness. After 7 1/4 hours and reaching an internal temperature of 207, a toothpick inserts without resistance. I pulled the brisket and let it rest wrapped in foil for 90 minutes.

    While the brisket is resting, I used the remaining heat in my WSM to cook some fresh asparagus to go with the brisket. 

    After resting for 90 minutes:


    The weight of a small, light cleaver and the lightest pressure easily cut through the brisket. The addition of the Guinness made the brisket incredibly moist and delicious. 

    Smoked brisket served with a Moroccan vegetable tagine and fresh grilled asparagus. 

    Countdown to the pastrami smoke: T-Minus 20 days [​IMG]
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    Looks wonderful!  If it cut that easy it must be tender.  Great success for your first brisket.
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    Bravo , Prankster . You have produced a wonderful looking Brisket , and the Asparagus s one of my fav. veggies , we got some yesterday for the weekend.

    I see you had a nice ring on it , and  I like the idea o the Guinness .

    Thanks for posting .[​IMG]

    Have fun and . . .
  4. Thanks!!

    After the 4 hour mark, the most difficult part of the smoking was the gf's "Is it done yet?" every 15 minutes or so. Then, once I brought the brisket inside to rest, the smell filled the house and the gf's mantra began to take on a quicker, more anxious tone and I wondered if the brisket would survive past a 15-20 minute rest.

    I'm lucky to live in CA, land of fresh veggies all year round! I go to a couple of farmer's markets every week and look for what's in season and plan my menu accordingly.  

    The Guinness adds a subtle earthy flavor without overpowering the brisket. I've used this addition for years on my Weber kettle with much success. Different beers will add different flavors to meat. I find beef holds up well to the darker beers, pork something a little lighter and chicken works well with almost everything. Best to experiment and find your favorite combinations. What could be the worst outcome, you have to drink the beer?

    The fun really begins after my first pastrami is smoked. [​IMG]  
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    Looks good sfprankster!  
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    Your brisket looks great, nice color and thanks for post.
  7. Thanx!!

    Having loads of fun with my WSM!  [​IMG]

    So many meats to smoke and so little time to eat them all. [​IMG]  
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    Looks great! Ever try a shot of vanilla stoli in your Guinness?:biggrin:
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    Good job with the brisket!  Looks great.
  10. mike5051

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    Now that sounds like a good idea!
  11. Not yet... [​IMG]

    Still possible with another 5 remaining in the fridge. 
  12. Revisiting the brisket from yesterday... [​IMG]

    French Dip Sandwich

    Toasted, seeded sourdough filled with rough chopped brisket and dipped into the Guinness jus.

    Served with a green salad and homemade blue cheese dressing.

    Quick and easy....

    ...and gone. [​IMG]

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