sfprankster's Citrus Ginger Chicken Thighs

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sfprankster, May 17, 2015.

  1. Round 3 of my WSM adventure has begun... 

    Inspired by a stroll through my local farmer's market and a sample of one of the last varieties of citrus to be picked, I decided to make a fresh citrus ginger marinade to add flavor to some chicken thighs.. 

    Citrus Ginger Chicken Thighs

    This all started yesterday evening, beginning with making the marinade and then giving some chicken thighs a bath overnight. 


    Ready for the smoking to begin...


    My citrus ginger chicken thighs having to share some grill space with my 2nd version(dry rubbed) chicken thighs on the top grate... [​IMG]

    The first time I smoked chicken, I keep my WSM in the 320-330 range to crisp the skin. I wasn't completely satisfied with the results. This time, I maintained my WSM in the 220-230 range. This added a minor amount of time to the total cooking time, but the additional smokiness was a welcome flavor. At an internal temperature of 155, I removed the thighs from the smoker, let them rest 15-20 minutes under a foil tent, then finished them on my Weber kettle on high heat over lump mesquite. The addition of the time on the kettle brought the skin to a nice crispness and adds a crunch component to the mouth feel of the thighs. For me, there's nothing worse than a rubbery skin on chicken. [​IMG]


    Quick peek of the citrus ginger thighs crisping in the Weber kettle(my Weber kettle has seen better days, in its hundreds of trips around the block, but it still works like a charm [​IMG]  )...


    I reserved a small amount of the marinade to brush the crisping thighs and add an additional layer of flavor.


    Served with a side of grilled mushroom and zucchini. 


    The addition of the WSM has added a new dimension to the foods I can make at home. So far, it's been loads of fun and I look forward to more smoking adventures. [​IMG]  
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    Those are some mighty fine looking thighs. I'm pleased to hear that you are pleased with your WSM.
  3. Hate using a phone to post. Never sure if it gets posted or doubles posts. [​IMG]  
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  4. Thanks!!

    Getting easier with each use.
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    Looks like a tasty smoke!

    Instead of firing up the kettle just take the middle section out of the WSM and put your grate of food right on the charcoal ring!
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    rankster , those look Marvelous , and the 'Shrooms and Zucchini were a great addition.  How about your Marinade recipe [​IMG]
  7. I like that idea!! [​IMG]

    Shortcuts are always appreciated!!

    Time to add some handles to the middle ring.
    Citrus Ginger Marinade

    1 medium shallot, grated
    1" piece of fresh ginger, grated
    3 large garlic cloves, grated
    zest and juice of large orange(can substitute lemon, lime, mandarins, or oro blancos in place of orange for variations)
    1 tsp sesame oil
    1/8 c soy sauce
    2 tsp chinese 5 spice
    1 tsp african bird chili powder
    fresh ground black pepper to taste

    Combine ingredients and whisk together. Marinate overnight.

    Reserve 1/4 of the marinade to baste the last few minutes of smoking/grilling/roasting.
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