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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by harpguy74, Aug 9, 2011.

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     square oneso i spend allot of time on this forum but i dont post much. over the winter i build a small smoker for my back yard out of a old compressor tank and a bbq propane tank for the firebox, after a few mods it works awsome, so much so that i am a bit of a hit in the neighborhood. people have been bringing me pork  to bbq when they here i will be firing it up, my nick name is big dawg so they named my backyard BIG DAWG'S SMOKIN' HAWG, we are even making t shirts. here is my problem, i have been askes by enuff people to do their parties and such that i will need to build another smoker that i can hook up to my truck. after all that wind here is my question. can i make the skomer square instead of round? i seem to mostly see round smokers from old tanks and such but tanks the size i would be looking for are few and far between but i could easy get the metal from the machine shop and just weld up a square one.
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    How bout a photo of "BIG DAWG'S SMOKIN' HAWG"

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