Several questions Newbie here.

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  1. Hello all. Still working on the same smoker as before.  (as soon as the weather breaks in the NE) I was wondering. I have a el cheapo gas grill. Can I take the parts( gas parts) and put them in the smoker to? That way I could propane grill and smoke all in one? Just figured I'd ask. Thanks again for the advice and help!

    P.S. I will take photos and bring everyone along for the ride! lol.

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    Bump because I want to know too
  3. Sure, just make sure you have a way to let fresh secondary air to the burner.

    If it doesnt have enough secondary air, the burner will die out and fill the smoker with propane, then when you open the door and let fresh air in it can flash up on you.

    So some additional air vents below burner level is recomended. You can always close them when not running the burner.
  4. Awesome! Thanks Rib. I was getting kind of worried.
  5. Hey all I definitely need some advice. (might be a little too late though) I used furnace tubing as my exhaust tubing. Is that an issue? (if you would need to see pics let me know.
  6. Pics would be good, not sure of your setup

  7. Also, to season it what wood should I use? do I set it up to smoke as well? need beginning points lmao.
  8. 1 More question(actually I feel this whole thing will be the start of questions) Do I need to clean the inside first? There is a little bit of surface rust and probably metal flakes and debris from building. I dust bustered it but not sure if I need to do more? If more pictures are needed I can gladly post them.

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