Seven pounder in 5 hours... Trouble?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by funkadelic73, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. I put a 7.5 pound butt and a 4-pound brisket on my smoker at 7 pm tonight. After 5 hours, I checked the temps and the brisket is at 190, but the butt is at 205.

    It's a horizontal smoker, and I put the brisket further from the heat source. Temp gauge read 225 at the cool end. Smoker is new (used twice), so I know the temp gauge is good. Checked the meat more than once and the temps are right.

    It's possible I guess that my thermometer is off, but the butt was falling apart so I'm sure it's pretty accurate.

    The bone was removed from the butt.

    The meat is resting now in a cooler. Has anyone else had a butt go so fast? Am I going to have a poor pork butt on my hands?

    It looks and smells beautiful.
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    sounds like you got a good piece of meat. If your sure your thermometer is correct then your good. If your not sure then check in boiling water. From falling apart and the bone coming out it sounds good. Im assuming the bone pulled out clean.
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    I agree with Mudd -- if the bone pulled out, you're good!  I think your cook thermo is off b/c that pork butt likely would have taken longer at a true 225-250*.  Almost anything is possible, but I've never had a bone-in butt go less than 8.5 hours.  Usually they go well past 10 hours.  Either way, the meat is safe for consumption and probably really tasty; you just may not have as much smoky goodness in the meat as you might like.  That's why we hang out here together and practice -- with all of our heads put together, we're bound to improve our craft.

    Like Mudd said -- test all of your thermos, no matter how pricey or new.  Since we cook by temp rather than time, you've got to have accurate info!

    Enjoy the PP and the journey!  Cheers!
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    When I use my charcoal UDS I can get a butt or turkey done super quick. Not unusual. [​IMG]
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    Every piece of meat is different. The next one you do may take twice as long.

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