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    Hi, I've cooked my pulled beef and have it sitting in a crock pot with aujus now, however, the event is in 6 hours. I want to serve it warm in a crock pot (it's an outside bonfire event in the snow with a service table in the open barn). How do I handle the meat in these next 6 hours to keep it safe and moist?
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    WOW...I am really sorry I missed this!...You can hold it in the Crock Pot on low or whatever it takes to keep the temp at 140*F...I hope all went well...JJ
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    Six hours without electricity will be tricky?

    Any way with a camp fire or a camp stove to keep the temp above 140 without busting the crock?  You would be safe below 140, but only for an hour or so? Meaning to the plate! By all means, be very careful!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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