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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jims bbq, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. jims bbq

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    I am looking for everyone's opinion on what type of smoker is best. reverse flow, traditional, pellet, charcoal, stick. Like to hear the good and bad. thank you. Jim
  2. mike5051

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    Welcome to the forum Jim!  I prefer a charcoal/wood smoker for the ease and taste.  It doesn't require electricity and charcoal is readily available.  Any smoker can produce some great bbq, the best depends on what you are looking for.

  3. n4ynu

    n4ynu Meat Mopper

     Hello and Welcome to the Forum from one Newbie to another ! 

     I think most here, the seasoned guys could tell you the particulars, I think it would be based on what you really want to do or maybe how much you want to do, I have been smoking with a Char Grill for years but wanted something to control Temps a bit better and would be less needy in regards to watching, and I personally do not appreciate the flavor add from gas, I know I am petty but I can taste it ! LOL, all that said I got the MES 30 Electric, and did a rack mod so I can have 8 racks, since I am starting with Jerky first, it will be very nice mod and usable in many other situations, of course it is a 30 so no I can not stack 16 hams in it, the racks are sort of close but not too close for bacon and such depending on the slabs, but the real reason I got it to be honest is because it is electric and I can manage the temps so much better, and it has small intake and exhaust holes which again allow it to maintain temp better and I use a AMNPS in it so the cabinet should be just packed with smoke, I can see the need possibly for other applications that I might need a bit more air possibly, but if so I will get a nice pair of air shutters and add them for that purpose, I like this one as it will hold 60 lbs of meat and comes with the legs so I do not have to get on my knees to see the bottom rack hehehe

    You can find all the information you need here, just use the search box and surf, nicest bunch of people and they love to help and share, the best Forum on the Web IMO  [​IMG]  
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    [​IMG]   to SMF!

    Glad to have you with us!

    I have 6 smokers, 3 charcoal, 1 gas, 1 electric, & 1 wood.

    In my opinion the wood smoker has the best flavor.

    But a Weber Smokey Mountain is probably the best (IMHO) entry level smoker you can buy.

    The 22.5 has plenty of room, it's well built & very easy to operate.

    It will hold steady temps better than any other charcoal smoker on the market.

    The flavor you get from charcoal/wood is very good.

    You will even see these smokers at BBQ competitions.

    The 22.5 is $400.


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