Selling food by the roadside, for upcoming event. In PA couple questions looking for help. Thank you

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shtrdave, May 31, 2014.

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    I am in PA and there will be a large event coming. People will be traveling all over to different locations. I live along a busy major road. While sitting in the garage this morning with a friend looking at all the traffic, he said it would be a great place to set up and Some sandwiches during this weekend event. Burgers, Pulled Pork maybe a side or 2 and sodas. He was asking about costs/times to make things and everything that goes with the easy parts.

    So here are a couple of questions maybe someone could help me with.

    Would one need any types of licenses or permits to do this?

    Inspections from some government agency be needed?

    Would one need insurance to do such a thing, and where would one find information on it?

    This would probably only go on for 2 days at my place.

    Making the food and pricing are easy it is the above questions that came to me quickly as he was talking that seem to be the hard part.

    Thank you for any input provided.
  2. oldschoolbbq

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    1. You will need  to call your local Health Dept.

    2. The Health Inspector  will contact you.

    3. LLC at least. A Lawyer can help you.

    4. Not worth the time and  expence .

    Sorry to spoil your dream , but that is a serious subject in the Health Community , just sayin'.

    Have fun though and  . . .
  3. chef jimmyj

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    Dave, the answer is YES to all your questions. You need a permit/licence to sell paying aqll the associated Taxes.

    You have to have a Dedicated and Health Inspected Kitchen for any items that provide a potential for Food Borne Illness. Cakes and Cookies are exempt.

    You would need a liability insurance policy, amounts required vary but 1 million dollars, I believe, is the minimum required.

    Some ordinances require a Food Truck as a minimum set up, running water to clean and sanitize yourself and equipment, food cooked on site. 

    PA is more liberal than some on this, a Pit to cook, hold and serve, with coolers for soda and sides. You will need to check locally. 

    It is a fun and lucrative idea but getting your ducks in a row will take time and $$$$. This year is most likely out but look in to it for next year. Start with a call to the local Chamber of Commmerce and talking to vendors at the event that are doing something similar. Good Luck and post what you find out...JJ
  4. I live in Pa and once you see what has to be done legally, I bet you'll probably forget the idea. Just saying, good luck.  
  5. shtrdave

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    It is funny I ask this same question in the professional section of another forum and got a completely different answer for the most part.

    I am not sure if it would be worth the time and effort to do, but I think it may be fun, it seems like a lot of stuff to go through for a weekend and I guess that is why ask, if anyone thought it possible to do with out all the legal stuff just to see if it would be something to do in the future legally.

    As for now I don't think it will happen, the liability thing in today's society is my biggest concern.

    I am going to talk to some local people if I can find some and ask some questions.I would also need to contact my homeowners insurance agent because my policy states no business conducted at this address, it was previously a business.

    Thank you for all the information and advice, I will update when and if I find more information out.

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