Selecting my first brisket to smoke

Discussion in 'Beef' started by grebs, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. grebs

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    Hi all, I'm looking for a little advice on what i should buy for a first time brisket smoker. Looking for around 10 pounds give or take. Seems like there's a few choices. Do i go packer? Flat? This is all new to me so im a lil frustrated.
    A local place only has like 18 pounders and will only cut them in half if i buy the whole thing. Kind of hoping i could just buy something with minimal work on my part as far as cutting it.
    I can handle trimming some thicker fat but like i said i have no experience with meat besides stuffing in my mouth.
    Any tips or suggestions to help make my fist experience good would be great
  2. mfreel

    mfreel Smoking Fanatic

    I recommend looking for a whole packer closer to the 10-12 lb range.  Leave the point on.  You can trim the fat depending on how much there is, but I like to leave 1/4" or so on there so I don't trim real hard.  225-235 for 18 hours...about.

    I like this rub for briskets:

    4 T kosher salt

    4 T CBP

    2 T cracked coriander seed

    2 T cracked mustard seed

    2 T gran/pwd garlic

    2 T gran/pwd onion
  3. jcbigler

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    What part of the country are you in? Maybe there is someone here from that area that can recommend where to buy whole packers.

    Wal-Mart, Target, Albertson's, Costco, Sam's Club, HEB, most other retail grocery stores will either carry them or be able to order them.
  4. grebs

    grebs Newbie

    I live in north east ohio. I called an acme close by but they only had a flat in stock and it's about 6 pounds.
    There are Sam's clubs here so i will check them out and see if i can find a whole packer around 12 pounds.
    Questions. .
    Is injecting nessesary?
    When smoking a whole packer, how do you keep the flat from drying out while waiting on the thicker part? I'm assuming that's where I'm putting the probe (center of the thickest)
  5. jcbigler

    jcbigler Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Some people inject thier briskets. I don't. I set it so that the thicker end with the point is closer to the firebox. Leave enough fat on it and it should stay nice and moist.
  6. grebs

    grebs Newbie

    I have the gmg daniel boone so the firebox is directly under in the center. Does it matter if i go fat side down or up? Seems to be a personal preference
  7. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    If you can find a packer, grab it. The point is more forgiving then the flat. If the flat comes out a little dry, slice up the point. I now separate the packer, and make pastrami out of the flat, and slice the point. I can never seem to get the flat tender and moist. It's always dry but somewhat tender, or moist and chewy.
  8. smokinal

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  9. grebs

    grebs Newbie

    Thanks everyone. I found a store that i should be able to get about a 10 pound packer. The strore is called "acme". Nice chain grocery store around these parts. Looking forward to starting this adventure sunday night. Also will be filling the daniel boone the rest of the way up with some baby backs after a few hours have gone by with the brisket. Any problems doing this?
  10. mfreel

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