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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jajlanderson, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I am looking to get a new smoker and would appreciate any advice out there on the best option. I am in Alabama so can smoke pretty much year round and do cook dinner on the grill a lot all year. My son plays baseball all spring summer and fall so would like something that can be left alone for several hours. Was thinking pellet or something like a primo or eggs. We don't do large parties (over 15) or competitions so don't need a huge volume. Favorites are ribs butts and brisket.
  2. I would say BGE or one of the other ceramic grills. I have a BGE and i can lite it dial in  the temp and go to bed. It will be within 5 deg of where i set it when i wake up. Dead on deg a lot of the time. The egg is a little price ie. A bag of lump will last a long time. So that will offset the price over time. If you do get a egg also get the plate setter. after that a lot of the cheaper accessories will work well in the egg. 

    Their is also the WSM Not a bad choice and a little cheaper.

    I don't know much about the pellet  rigs. the pellets are more expensive and don't make a lot of smoke.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks. I have heard a lot of good about the eggs. What is the WSM?
  4. I can also recommend a ceramic cooker like the BGE. I have a vision classic, it's just like the BGE, I got it at Costco for 600 and it comes with side tables and a heavy duty cover. Here is a link to my review of it

    What's great with these is not only is smoking as easy as set it and forget it once you get your temp dialed in, but you can also grill awesome steaks, burgers and more. My wife an I did home made pizza the other night that was better than any pizza place around. It's like fresh brick oven pizza. Check out the forums online and read what people say about ceramic cooking. I hate sounding like a fanboy but it really is amazing.
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    Hi Neighbor...WSM's are great...I actually want one.  BUT...I use a Camp Chef 24" propane...and love it.  I can set things...leave go to Publix for about an hour...come back and everything is cooking right along.  Academy has some really nice ones that I saw yesterday.  Was actually impressed with their BBQ section more than the other sports stores around here locally.

  6. Alright. Another excuse to go to Academy Sports. The pizza idea sounds good. Will have to check out the recipes when I make my smoker buy.
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    For peace of mind i'd recommend something like a pellet grill (built in ATC- via the auger)  or any charcoal/wood burner you can attach an ATC (auto temp controller) to.   

    There are plenty of smokers like kamados that keep great temps....i'm just looking at the peace of mind side of things. 
  8. FWI for piece of mind i have a [​IMG].

    They also make a controller for the BGE and the knock offs. My BGE holds temp so well. I can't see a reason for any controller. Then i see the pellet guys having to add a smoke generator.  Makes me think  [​IMG]     .

    Wish i was[​IMG]

    Happy smoken my friend.

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    Ha ha soo true on the irony.    BTW, thanks for reminding me i want a drink. [​IMG]        If i had a BGE and wanted to sleep soundly on an all nighter i'd hook up the old Party Q  or Pitmaster IQ and zzzzz      Us Northern folk can have some crappy weather to screw w/ the temps.....It's a little different down there in Ar-Kansas  ;)
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    There was a nice one that Browning has's propane.  Just look at all of them...see what you think...Plus they have a sale going on for Father's Day!

  11. Believe it or not. I use the same setting on the BGE and 20 deg outside with strong wind. as i use with it being 100deg outside. I also can't tell any more fuel used.

    For the last time. it is ARK-N_SAW! (I ran spell check on it. it passed.)

    Happy smoken my friend.

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    David 20 degrees is like short sleve weather for us....i'm talking 10-20 below.  [​IMG]     Those eggs are some luck if i had one it would get cracked or broken., i like Ar kansas better!
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    What is a good sequence and pull time for a boneless 5.5 pork butt?
  14. 200 to 205 deg. then wrapin foil. wrap with a towel. put on ice chest to rest.

    Happy smoken.

  15. I think I am going with a Primo XL - I like the size and flexibility and have heard only great things about them.  Can't wait to get it and get started.  Thanks for all of the responses and advice.  And BTW - the best advice was probably a [​IMG]for peace of mind.  

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