Seekh Kabab Experiment

Discussion in 'Beef' started by zach5483, Nov 12, 2015.

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    Would anyone be interested in see my full experiment into making Seekh Kababs.  They are basically Indian spiced meats, I served mine on pita, with rice on the side.  The whole process, including the final product, is kinda ugly looking, but it tasted good. This picture is the final product served on naan bread with a yogurt sauce, lettuce, and grilled onions.  This was my wife's plate, she made hers look pretty.

    The meat was really good, I thought it would be more like gyro meat, but it wasn't.  It was a little spicy (hot), and a little spicy (Indian Spices).  It was really good, if you like those kinds of flavors.  It would make an interesting spice mix for a new snack stick flavor.

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    We are always interested in new flavor profiles...What you got there looks great. Please post your adventure...JJ
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    All the encouragement I need.

    As a lover of food I often find myself in crazy places, eating strange things.  Mexican street tripe tacos in Playa del Carmen, Menudo in San Antonio, Szechuan Pork Intestine Hot Pot in Birmingham, AL, Indian food Buffets in Huntsville, AL.  Bare this in mind when I tell you this was good.  I loved it, and so did my wife, but I seek out new restaurants, and try and cook new stuff too. That is how I got into smoking meats.  

    So one day I find myself in a International market in my hometown.  Never been in it before.  I found several boxed spice mix to make certain meals.  I got three different Indian food packets to try.  I had tried to do gyro meat before, but my flavor and texture was off.  I thought this was the flavor packet I needed.  It wasn't, but it was good.

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    So the basic recipe is add the spice mix to 2.2lbs of ground meat.  You can grind your own, or use preground.  Then you add an onion, garlic paste, green chiles, cilantro/coriander.  Then you let that sit for a few hours to meld.

    I did not have garlic paste, so I just added garlic.  I did not have green chiles, so I used red pepper flakes.  I didn't have cilantro, so I used ground coriander.

    For the meat, I have some Ground beef frozen that my wife caught on sale, So that was used.

    After the chill and rest, it said to add 1/2-1 cup of oil to the meat.  That seemed excessive to me, and I added on 1/4 cup.  You are supposed to roll them up like hot-dogs and grill them on skewers, or cook them in the oven.  I opted for the later because it was raining. My wife didn't like the "hot-dog" look, so i made them square.  They looked like little meatloafs, and here is where they get ugly.

    They did not need any oil in my opinion.  There was a bunch of grease in the pan.  They shrunk up a lot.  Maybe if you cooked them on the grill, or used a leaner grind or type of meat you might need some oil.

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    I also bought a naan kit.  It is an Indian flat bread.  Better than pita in my opinion.  I have made it from scratch, and that is the method I would go back to.  This kit wasn't the best.  Too chewy.

    This below is a yogurt "dip". It is like tzatziki sauce, but with feta.  We used it for the sauce.  This was awesome.  Will get it again.

    Here is the finished product one more time.

  6. zach5483

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    If you were to add a cure, and stuff this into a snack stick casing, it would make a mighty fine snack stick, in my opinion.
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    Thank you. I am not sure I can find the spice blend but I live in a large Indian communityso one of the many stores must have it...JJ

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