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Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokinbo, May 26, 2010.

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    I decided to smoke two briskets this past weekend and thought I would take some pictures so I could get some tips from anyone that takes a look.  Here are the briskets; 10.44lb and 10.88lb from Sams Club after soaking in a bath of Claudes marinade for about five hours.


    Put a nice coat of mustard and rub on..


    A couple of hours later after a couple of spritz of applesauce...


    After reaching internal temp of 140, I pulled them off the smoker, wrapped in foil, and back on until i reached internal temp of 190 and then wrapped in towels and put them in a cooler for about five hours.  This was the juciest brisket that I have ever made, with that being said I have only smoked about ten briskets or so.  Thanks for taken a look and have a wonderful day!!!


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    SmokinBO -  to post it as an image , theres a button that says "image" if you hover over it. click on that & put your link/url in the designated box . and voila theres your pics.

    Here is your 1st link as an image [​IMG]
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    Thanks for all your help guys!!![​IMG]
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    Man that looks awesome!

    Good job on the brisket!
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    Ummmmm!!!!  Oh ya... and I like the mustard on the meat.
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    You did a great job with your brisket and it does look like it gonna taste really good to. Now what did you have trouble posting your Qview it's easy and theses folks have given you some really good and step by step intructions and you did a fine job posting them too. So keep up ythe fine work both on the grill/smoker and with the Qview.

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