second try at pastrami

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  1. Hi Folks!

    This is my second try at pastrami.  My first attempt was done using a brisket cut (2lbs) from the supermarket (quality wasn't so good and but it came out ok.  I smoked it on a Weber type grill.  I kinda botched this one as I was my first time using that particular type of charcoal briquette.  Anyway, here's what I ended up with that one.

    For my second try, I used a short plate cut (6lbs) from a meat store that sold US beef. 

    So here it is swimming in brine (1 1/2 weeks). Spent a day in cold water.

    Applied dry rub and let it sit for around 2 days (forgot to take pictures)

    I didn't have a smoker so I just build one from a can of oil and a portable butane stove.

    Smoked it till it reached 190F IT. Rested and cooled down. Wrapped in foil and into the fridge for a 2 days. I forgot to take pictures of this one.

    [fast forward a day]

    I was craving for a sandwich and I couldn't wait for the second day.  Steamed it to 205F then sliced.

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  2. tropics

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    Masarap Looks good nice job on brining it your self.

  3. Thanks Richie! I had no choice but to brine it myself as there are no locally available corned beef slabs in my area. I did find one on one occasion but it was ridiculously priced :)
  4. foamheart

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    That is some good looking Pastrami! And I love the special engineering, necessity is the mother of invention!

    That really does look good!
  5. thanks Foamheart. the smoker wasn't too good at holding heat so i'm going to have to insulate it somehow so i would potentially save on gas.  I have another can which i'm gonna turn into a charcoal basket area so this would probably turn into a square version of a mini wds.

    the square grills i got from a japanese thrift store, i probably should start another thread for that smoker
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    Next thing ya know ol'Myron will be going over there judging cook-offs!
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    Great looking pastrami. Wonderful job of innovation too!


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