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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by gwschenk, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Friday was my second effort with my new WSM to produce a smoked chicken as good as the ECB. I applied the suggestions made by the good folks here, at least in part!

    The chicken was from the local butcher, spatchcocked and sprinkled with salt, pepper, onion, garlic and paprika.

    It was pointed out that one problem last time was too much charcoal, and using the Minion method for smoked chicken was probably a mistake. So I placed one layer of Stubbs briquettes in the smoker and on top of that placed a chimney of Kroger lump charcoal.

    It was suggested that on my last attempt the temperature was too low for chicken, and to leave out the water pan. Not wanting to change too many variables at once, I left in the water pan and just left all vents wide open. After one hour the temp was only 260. Out came the water pan, I also threw in two chunks of apple wood that I had forgotten. It wasn't heavy white smoke, but not sure I'd call it thin blue either.

    The temp came up to 310 and stayed there. Some friendswere going to come over, so I threw on some brats in case one chicken was not enough. After 3 hours the internal temperature was 165. Off it came.

    The skin was crisper than last time, but not crispy like the ECB. Juicy and delicious, though! Everybody liked it.

    The brats weren't ready and soon the temp dropped to under 200. I threw some more lump on and the temp recovered to 260. Vents wide open.

    The brats tasted great the next morning with eggs, and the left over chicken made for great tacos the next night for dinner.

    So, I think I should have used more charcoal to get the temperature in the smoker up to 350. I'll try again soon. Once the chicken is perfected, then a butt! I like the WSM.
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    Looks good. You will definitely need to get your charcoal amounts figured out before trying a butt. Fortunately on your WSM you can smoke a butt at 300 which cuts the cook time in half. 
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    Ya know ,a "Smoking Log " would be a great way to record all your adventures in smoking .

    I feel this is a great tool for learning and improving one's methods. This way you can tune in yhour fuel amounts.

    Your Chicken looks very good , Your practicing with Chicken is good . You will be right with yuor choice ofa Butt soo , they're easy and almost fool

    ptoof. .

    Keep sending the Q-view coming .and as always . . .
  4. Yes, a smoking log would be smart. And practicing with chicken is quite delicious!

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