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  1. Hey guys, I did my second smoke during the day Saturday. Today was going to be a test. My list had a few items on it: a brisket, a butt, ABTs, a fatty, and some ears of corn. Everything except the brisket was a first attempt. Judging by how fast my guests devoured everything, it must have turned out pretty good!
    Here's the butt
    And the brisket:
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    Looks great!  [​IMG]
  3. Nice. How long did the butt take? At what temperature?
  4. Well, I'll admit I had the smoker running a bit hotter than I really wanted but the fire was acting so nice for me I didn't want to try too hard to get the temp down much. My luck I would have waited just a little too long and lost the coals. I wanted to make it through a cook without adding more charcoal.

    My grate temp was running about 320 in the center. The lid reads 350 at that point. I did a fair job of keeping the temp swings within ±30 degrees letting it burn and adding splits. Right now my Longhorn is un-modded so I've got about 40 degrees difference between firebox and stack.

    The butt was done just off center toward the stack end. It went on about 7am, and was pulled off about 3pm. IT was about 195-200, the bone pulled out easy and clean. I was worried with that short of a cook it wouldn't be tender, but it pulled pretty easy, and tasted pretty darn good!

    I'm still new at this obviously, and still working on fire management but between reading on here and firing the cooker I'm learning a bit more every time.

    The brisket was done for basically the same amount of time, but just to the right of the butt, so center of grate. I pulled it off at an IT of 200-202 (hard to read my cheapie thermo right now til I can get a better one). It tasted great, and was tender enough, but I probably could have used a little more time in a bit lower heat to really break that bad boy down. I've had worse at restaurants though so I don't feel too bad about it.

    The fatty was done close to the stack end, on at about 1pm and off at an IT of 170 at about 3pm. Had a slight blowout but not enough to hurt anything. Our filling was pretty simple, some of the chipotle cheddar snack cheese sticks with some sauteed onions and mushrooms. The bacon was slightly crisped. After slicing that one didn't last long.

    The ABTs and corn went on just before the fatty came off, with the corn just left of center and the poppers just right of center. I pulled them off when they looked done. Didn't actually track the time on them. The bacon was just crisping around the ABTs though. Man those were good. The corn wasn't half bad either. I don't know that I've ever had smoked corn on the cob before, but I'll definitely eat it again!

    Sorry for the book but I wanted to share to see if you guys might have any ideas or tips, or other questions.

  5. I should add that my Longhorn is actually SLIGHTLY modded. I have sealed the lids with some high temp RTV. That thing leaked like a sieve during my seasoning fire. the RTV is doing great on the SC lid, but I might switch over to Nomex on the FB. It's having a hard time coping with that much heat, which I figured might happen but wanted to try anyway just in case.


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