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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by oxlion, May 28, 2014.

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    So needless to say I am hooked on this "hobby"!  So Monday was a combination Memorial Day/Graduation (oldest daughter) party cookout.  My wife and daughter both asked Friday if I was smoking anything for the party.  I said well I can, what do you want?  They chose pulled pork.  So stopped at local butcher Saturday and got two 5-6 lbs pork butts.  Unfortunately they only had bone out.  I did learn they do all their pork butchering on Tuesday so that is the day to get whatever I want.  Decided to smoke it Sunday and warm it Monday since I was just not sure of timing for a 1:00 party.   Pork spent Saturday night in fridge wrapped with my dry rub.  Went on the smoker at around 1:00pm on Sunday.  Smoker temp was between 230 and 260 all day.  Sprayed with apple juice any time I was out to check smoker temp.  Around 9PM internal temp was 192 degrees but since it was dark I decided to transfer to oven to finish.  When oven reached 250 I wrapped butts and place on pan in oven.  The oven caused it to drop in temp to 177 and it took three hours to get it back to 200 degrees.

    Once internal temp reached 200 I wrapped in towels and put in the cooler to rest until 2am.  Below was the final product.   I shredded it at 2 am and then later Monday morning just slowly warmed it in the crock pot with apple juice to keep moist.  Everyone raved about it.  Served it with choice of vinegar or tomato based sauces.


  2. Nice looking butts! Good job!  [​IMG]
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    Looks great , Oxlion. [​IMG]  Keep up the good work. [​IMG]

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