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  1. My goal was to replicate the smoked pork chops I get from my favorite butcher shop (Plug- Rhodes Meat Market, Martinsburg, PA - they do their own!). Those chops are amazing.  I know they smoke the whole roast at the time, not individual chops.  I know because I've had to wait for them to come out of the smokehouse, cool, and be cut for me.   I know a little 'rumor' about how they make them- inject cure and brown sugar mix into the roast, brine them in the same (?) cure mix. 

    Well, since I haven't found cure (Tender Quick) locally yet, and since the meat was in my fridge (6 lbs, with bone in), I figured on going with another plan.  I brined the roast (with chine bone attached and not cut- my bad) for 36 hours with kosher salt, brown sugar, sugar and water.  After taking it out of the brine, I added my all purpose rub and put in the smoker at 225.  4 1/2 hour later I added a pan of Bushes baked beans spiked with Sweet Baby Rays and diced shallot.  Internal temp hit 160 at just about 6 hours 45 min.  Pulled it and left it sit lightly wrapped in foil for about 20 minutes and then boned it.  Sliced into 3/4 inch smoked chops. 

    Fair to say it didn't equate to the butchers own smokehouse chops, but surely did fill our bellies and no complaints.  This smokin' thing, it takes time and I'm looking forward to the next go.

    In the smoker we go:


    Pic with full rib showing


    Pork and beans:


    160 and ready to come out:


    Boned and ready to slice:


    Notice the missing meat between the bones?  That was mighty fine sampling.[​IMG]

    And, I did forget to get shots after I sliced it. [​IMG]    Next one for sure.
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    Man O Man that looks great.. Nice job
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    Looking good!

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  6. Thanks for all the kind comments. Someday I hope to actually earn them with a quality end product.

    Bear- like your plan and will do that the next time. The other thing I learned about their process is they 'tumble' them in a big tub, like a 'washing machine sort of' it was told to me. Don't know if that is continuous or on a schedule of some sort. Do you inject yours or just soak it?

    I'll have to try it both ways, with the rib bones in (but the chine cut!!) and boneless like yours. If I'm consistent enough, I might be able to tell if the bone adds to the flavor profile.

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    I only ever injected cure into Eye Rounds for dried beef one time, because they were too thick to cure from the outside.

    Next time I will cut in half instead of injecting.

    Other than that, I have never injected anything.

    I will never inject a large piece of meat (non-curing), because I don't like to worry about the "40˚ to 140˚ in 4 hours" rule.

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    nice looking pork roast there....nothing like a nice thick chop
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    Looks Nice...
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    Looks good, The sliced pics would have been  [​IMG]
  11. Thanks again for the kind comments.

    Dang, Points !  Man, no more slacking from me!

    Nice timing on your reply Bear, just day before yesterday I asked the 'boss' what those eyes of round at Cosco would be good for.  Now here you go putting me on track. Love your how-to on this.   I do love dried beef and gravy for breakfast, lunch or dinner and it's so expensive anymore.  Speaking of expensive, 4.99 for brisket...brisket ?  Ah, but then I remember when Cod and chicken wings were throw-away or fertilizer foods too. 
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    Yeah, Brisket flats are expensive. I was lucky to get my last one for $3.99. I think if you want to get the full packer, WallMart often has them for $1.98.

    BTW: If you follow my Dried Beef how-to, be sure to check the "NOTE" in red (edited 5-7-11). It makes it easier. No need to inject.


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