Second Smoke...Chicken Halved...

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by scandall, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my second smoke and I did a whole chicken in the Slaughterhouse brine and I loved it! Thanks for that tip!

    I pulled all the food out of the bottom drawer of the fridge and made the brine and placed the chicken in that since

    there is very little room in fridge for such a large container...that was the perfect solution.

    After 21 hours i pulled it out, drained, rinsed and pat dried the bird.Then I halved it, smeared mustard on and dry rub.[​IMG]

    Using the Minion method i got my coals going and placed in the two halves and began smoke with Apple chunks.

    I have an offset smoker by the way, Charbroil (little one) American Gourmet.I am getting better keeping temp where I want

    it to be[​IMG] After two hours I had to peek![​IMG]

    At 3-1/2 hours temp was 140 though, my wife was hungry so I pulled 'em off the smoker and brought the temp up using

    our convection oven for fifteen minutes at 325, Done. While I was smoking she was making my favorite side Pasta salad

    with summer sausage, olives and other tasty goodies![​IMG]

    When you use your therm wait as long as you can cause after you poke it juice runs out!!!  Skin was crisp in only a few places

    but that was okay, it didn't matter to me, or my Honey. Oh yea, I used the Slaughterhouse spritz on it every hour also.


    Smoked Chicken, Pasta salad, cottage cheese, baked beans,garlic cheese bread and a glass of whiskey 7 !

    And my wife loves that I'm cookin again! Priceless!

  2. realtorterry

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    Nice Plate!!  [​IMG]

    I started with & still have that same smoker. If you haven't yet replaced the temp gauge you might wanna look into it. Good little smoker!
  3. smokinal

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    Nice job Jeff. That bird looks delicious! Great meal you put together there my friend, and making the wife happy just makes it better!
  4. tyotrain

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    Nice job.. That Q looks great. bet it was tasty[​IMG]

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