Second Chuckie Try

Discussion in 'Beef' started by rc1991, May 11, 2010.

  1. rc1991

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    Ok I am working from home today so I am trying a chuckie again - this time I will not burn myself either![​IMG]

    I do have a question though - I put it in the smoker around 8:30 this morning after using a basic salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder rub and injecting with some beer and worcestershire last night. The smoker has been between 225 and 250 when I check. It's been on a little over 3 hours now and the internal temp has been sitting at 130-131 for the past 20-30 minutes after rising pretty steadily before that. It weighs about 2.5 lbs so it's not that big. Is this normal? I was planning to foil it around 165-170 and take it to 205. The last time I did one it was pretty windy and I had a stall around 140 for an hour and then I had to finish in the oven because a huge T-storm came through. I figured I got it on early enough this time!?

    BTW - I did take a pre-smoker Q-view shot and will take one at the end and post!

    Updated with Q-view

    Pre-smoker after rub and beer/worcestershire marinade:


    4 hours in at 140*


    Update - so now about 5 1/2 hrs in and at 155*. Hope to foil soon! I did notice something though - I bought a cheap dial oven thermometer and hung it from one of the grills (you can see it in the photo above). I noticed that it was reading 350* while the thermometer on the smoker door was between 225 and 250! I know the thermometers in the door are not accurate but I can't imagine that the difference would be 100 to 125*! I think I need to invest in a better thermometer to measure the internal smoker temp.

    Update #2 - So temp was up to 198 at 4 pm and was going to let it go to 205 - went to check at 4:15 and was 198 and noticed I ran out of gas! So I just pulled it then put in a cooler to rest. Hooked up a new tank for the next time too. Anyway just sliced it up for dinner and it looks and tastes amazing! Worth the wait! Serving with some macaroni and cheese and grilled broccoli.

    Finished after rest


    And sliced (though it was pulling apart a bit too)

  2. mballi3011

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    Everything sounds good so far and you haven't gotten to the stall if you have one at all with this hunk of meat. They all smoke differently too. So keep up the good work and I'll see the finished product too.
  3. rbranstner

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    Yep don't sweat it. Every piece of meat cookd differently. Usually they stall around 150-160. But like RC said it may not stall at all because of its size. Good luck.
  4. rc1991

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    Thanks guys! Glad to get a little reassurance!
  5. acemakr

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    Patience Grasshopper, patience.
  6. rc1991

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    Definitely working on my patience![​IMG]
  7. rc1991

    rc1991 Smoke Blower

    Bumped for updates with finished Q-view!!

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