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    My wife's best friend came down for the weekend, so we had our Mothers day dinner Saturday Night. Chuck Eyes, Shrimp, Ribs, Baked Potato and Beans.

    I fired up the ECB (Bottom Part) to cook over Charcoal and Hickory. Everything turned out OK.  ------ BUT !   I was disappointed in the Chuck Eye's. I had saved the best looking ones with the most marbling for that night. They really were good looking steaks. Mine was not near as tender as I was expecting and had quite a bit of gristle,  asked my wife she said the same thing. Now in saying that, for for the difference in price I really couldn't gripe. You get what you pay for.

    I guess the kicker on this was, we were really looking forward to the steaks, but was so glad I smoked the ribs.

     Another But !!!  When I was at the Store Saturday morning I checked the regular price on the Chuck Eyes $6.99 lb.  At that price I will stick with Ribeye's.  I Would buy some more if they are cheap

    The Flavor was great, very, very close to a Ribeye, the texture is slightly different, and the gristle is there. The first ones I did were very tender. Must have been the first cut ?

    Just wanted to do a follow up to be fair and keep it real.

    I have some more in the freezer, when I grill them I'll post the results

  2. smokinal

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    Thanks for an honest assessment of the steaks Gary.

    I think I'll stick with ribeyes.

    Judy loves the tenderloins, so I buy them from time to time too.

    We don't eat a lot of steak, but when we do we like the good stuff.

  3. Have you tried marinating overnight to break down the tissue?

    I've found chuck steaks are hit and miss for tenderness. And for $6.99/lb, I'd go with something more consistent(ribeye, NY strip, even sirloin).
  4. tropics

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    Sorry to here that maybe stick with the Briskets or PR, I would have to throw them out if grizzly can't eat fat or grizzle

    Thanks for the update

  5. bearcarver

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    All I can do is agree with you Gary!!

    I got mine for $4.50, and they tasted good, but too much Gristle.

    The only way I'd buy Chuck Eyes again is if:

    #1  I'm out of Steaks.

    #2  I'm out of Prime Rib.

    #3  Chuck Eyes are under $5 per pound again.

    #4  All other Steaks are higher than $9 per pound.

    Even then , I might just make some Deerburgers!!

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    Looks good...JJ
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  7. This should have been posted in Beef, Sorry

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    Shame about those steaks not turning out Gary.  But, I'll bet the ribs were first rate.

  9. smokeymose

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    $6.99 for chuck-eyes? Wow...
  10. Too bad you don't have Meijer stores down there in Texas because Chuck Eyes are on sale for $3.99 this week in Indiana.  I have not had any problems ever grilling chuck-eyes and they have been my go to steak for the past couple of years.  I recently purchased a pellet grill and found that they are great if you reverse sear them by smoking them at 225 until the temp gets to about 110 and then searing them until you get the temp you want.  

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