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  1. tks for all the great info on here I have learned alot ,, my first butt I didnt let it go long enought and wasnt able to pull it had to slice it and it was still good, My queston is ,, I am smoking it Saturday to be sereved On Sunday,, after I pull it what is the best way to store it in the frig without it drying out,, also how much pulled pork will I have with a 7 lb butt?? enought meat for how many>/ ?

    ps still no snow here In Fla ,,, lots of rain,,,
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    hmm I usaully try and get the biggest butte I can find, found an 11.5 lb just shoulder at walmart the other day... so lets see 7 lbs, if everyone else is bringing food then they may just take a little bit, maybe 6-8 hungry people? I'm sure one of these experts will correct me but maybe my guess is right! what kind of wood you using?
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    As a general rule figure you loose about 50% of a butt so if it was 7 lbs you should yield a good 3.5 lbs. As for how many it will feed that can vary commercial or caters usually prepare the sandwiches themselves and can therefore control portions and they figure 1/4 lb per sandwich. Letting people make their own I find it more like a 1/3 lb per sandwich.
    1/4 lb == 14 sandwiches
    1/3 lb == 10 or 11 sandwiches
    As for how to store it what I do is after resting it in a warm dry cooler I pull it and place it in a disposable aluminum roasting pan then foil over it tight. Then make a batch of this finishing sauce and just before you go to re-heat pour some on and mix it up then put the foil back on

    Then you can either put it into the smoker or oven to re-heat set either at about 225-250. I often re-heat in the oven so I can use the smoker to make ABT's and Dutch's Wicked Beans and whatever else I may want to throw in
  4. i will be using hickory wood,,, looking like I am headed to walmart right now 1030pm or else lots will be going hungry,, ITs a good thing I asked ask and u shall learn....
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    Yes that is one of the best parts about SMF you ask we answer and listen to Jerry (pineywoods) he knows what hes talking about. Plus what he told you is just about the same thing I was going too also.
  6. dont worry i will keep asking ,. here is my latest,, I now have two butts both just under 7 lbs,, time wise will it be 14 lbs times 1and a half hours for a total or 21 hours and will it be just about 9 hours,,\\
    once again ask and u will learn..
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    No it will still be 7 x 1.5 or so the time doesn't go by total weight. You may notice a little increase in time but not much just remember its temp and not time and your looking for 200-205
  8. hey Jerry tks I was thinking that but wasnt sure,,, i will post some pictures when i get done,,
    U r the man got all the answers,,,

    hey I see u are in fla , arent you glad we arent up north with all that snow...?[​IMG]
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    Don't remember who here told me about this, But it works.
    Vacum seal your pulled pork w/ a lil finishing sauce . When ready to reheat just drop bag into simmering ( not rolling boil)water and reheat.
    Worked great for me.
  10. hey i am with you,,, right now sitting by the pool tom petty on the cd player little early for a brewski, but that will come later, life is good,,

    go Saints,,,,,
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    Got 14 lbs in 2 butts... Temp setting on electric should be???? then internal temp to 200-250???? Using cherry and apple wood...Ideas? Thanks
  12. ok all done here are some pictures,,

    5 hours into it,,


    finished letting it rest,, wrapped them in towels and put in a cooler for an hour

    finished oh boy is it good,,

    hope this pictures all post if not sorry still a newbie
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    Great job.That pork looks awesome !!![​IMG]

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