Second brisket attempt.

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  1. So I'm trying another flat. Going with the same rub I used last time which is just kosher salt and coarse pepper. (Texas style?) Last time I had to rush it at the end. The fam was growing impatient. So of course it got pretty tough. Not horrible but not very tender. I'm def going to crutch it through the stall and probably add a little liquid. Any suggestions? Got it on some hickory and it's sitting nicely at 226°. Fingers crossed. 🍀
  2. Brisket is something you can't rush - it will be done when it wants to be done & that is that. I always use a toothpick to check when mine is done - when it will go in several different spots with no effort it is done. I have had this happen at a wide range of ITs. Make sure you relax & enjoy your smoke  [​IMG]
  3. Thanks! Yeah I found that out the hard way. I've heard people mention a toothpick, but I wasn't sure what I was looking for with it. That helps. Do you foil your brisket? Liquid? I know a lot of people get packers but I haven't found a butcher yet. Local grocery only sells flats. I'd really love to do a whole one. Oh the problems I have! Having another coffee and enjoying a beautiful spring day. You do the same!
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    I smoked a packer for Easter.  Took me 18 hours, including the rest time.  I will post the whole thing soon. In short, I had the smoker at 230 the whole time.  Plan ahead, as said already it takes time.  I smoked mine fat side down with bacon wrap on the meaty side.  I injected the brisket with beef broth that had garlic and butter in it. Smoke was apple chips.  Pulled it with a internal temp at 205.  Had it rest for about 3 hours.  Turned out tender as a butchers heart.  I will post the whole deal with pics later. Oh, one more thing----the whole packer was USDA select, so it was a challenge. My fault assuming it was choice.  But it all turned out fine.  Reinhard
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    I look forward to your post Reinhard, I am going to attempt this in a few weeks (must say that I am a little nervous about it as I am used to more forgiving projects).

    Newbie question: 'Packer' same thing as a brisket?
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    Hey knifebld...packer simply means the whole brisket...both the flat and the point, in the same cut of meat.

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  7. Yup I always go by the toothpick - I've had them done at a wide range of ITs so I don't go strictly by temp on a brisket. I generally don't foil my briskets because I like the bark too much & don't have trouble drying them out. On the rare occasions I do foil them I just add some beef broth...

    There are an awful lot of people who do foil them though & they get good brisket too - it's an individual choice...
  8. That toothpick was certainly the ticket! I foiled at 154° IT after about 3 hours (when I put in my meat probe). I went for a run, came back and it was 190°. So I tried the toothpick and it was still a little effort to poke. So I wrapped it in another layer of foil, wrapped that in a towel, and put it in my cooler. Here's the finished product.
    So much more tender than the last time. Thanks so much for your advice. Love this community and all the great people on here. My family appreciates it too!! 😀😀
  9. That brisket looks very good!  [​IMG]   Yup the toothpick tells no lies   [​IMG]   Glad it turned out really good for you!  [​IMG]
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    The brisket looks delicious! Glad to see it tuned out so good...Thumbs Up

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    Looks like some good chewin from here ! Thumbs Up

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