Second attempt at baby back ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by omar, Jun 16, 2014.

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    Still relatively new to the smoking game.  After studying numerous posts, methods, and sauce recipes on here I was ready to attack some baby back ribs.  Smoked one rack a few weeks ago and completely forgot to take pictures. I took as many pictures as I could along the way this time.  You'll notice I had to cut the racks in half as my 30 inch Masterbuilt was not quite wide enough to fit a full rack of baby backs on a single grate.  We were having company over this past weekend so I purchased a couple racks as I can eat one by myself.

    Removed the membrane and threw on a bunch of my rub.  Brown sugar base with plenty of goodiness in there.  Little bit of chipotle adds the kick I like without overpowering other flavors.  Here they are after sitting in the fridge with the rub overnight:

    Tossed them on the smoke at 225 for 2 hours bone side down.  Used apple wood this time.  Right before taking them out I prepared Chef JimmyJ's foiling sauce using local honey.  ITS THE BEST.  THANKS JIMMY

    Foiled them, divided up the sauce, back in the smoker (without smoke) for 2 more hours meat side down.  Removed them from the foil, reserved the sauce to use later.  Back into the smoker for 45 mins to an hour on the smoke to get that bark.

    They came out looking glorious:

    Reduced the foiling sauce from JimmyJ using the slightest bit of cornstarch mixed with water in order to get the syrupy consistency I was looking for and wow.  I don't know whether to put the sauce on my ribs or drink it, so darn good.  Cannot give you enough props for that recipe Jimmy.

    By this time I was not in the mood to take pictures, sliced up the ribs and went to town.  Overall it was great.  Going to attempt some butt next, then move onto brisket.  Love that it's smoking season finally in the northeast.
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    Great job, beautiful ribs, I bet everyone had to unbutton their pants...>LOL

    Congrats on an great smoke!


    Its amazing what a little research will do.
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    Welcome to the fray.....nice looking racks. If you don't wanna cut in half you can try rolling them in a circle and secure with a bamboo skewer or such. Works pretty slick.....HTH, Willie
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    looking good omar!
  5. omar

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    Thanks guys.  Interesting tip Willie, I might have to try that one out next time.

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