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  1. So all I need now is a lid and I'm ready to smoke. So my question is how long should I season it and how much fuel should I use. The charcoal basket is very large as we used the charcoal grate meant for the Weber 22.5 " . Approximately how many briqs should I use? Thanks for the help. Pics. to follow soon.
  2. i sprayed pam on the inside of the drum filed basket with abought 10lbs of charcoal and cooked a fattie, took it out. then let it continue to burn till all heat was gon. abought 9 hrs later. i did it this way just to see how the smoker would run and for how long.
  3. Yea I would spray the inside and burn it for a few hours this will give you practice on bringing the temps up and down. Then smoke something on it after a few hours. No use wasting that good fuel that is already going right?[​IMG]
  4. I did just about the same thing 200xga did. That worked out well.
  5. I used the cheapest spray on oil (like pam) an then filled my basket (yers I'd do bout 1/2 basket) an let it go a couple hours at 250°, raised the temp ta 350° fer a couple hours, then brought the temp down ta 250° an let it go till it burnt out.

    Been good ta go ever since.
  6. yea fill it up and let it burn!! in a few hours throw a jimmy dean sausage chub or two in there for added flavor and a good snack, plus letting it run empty for a good run will let you get familiar with keeping steady temps and getting to know how its gonna run, so when you fill it full of meat you wont get any surprises.
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    Mine will take about 1/3 of a 20# bag. I sprayed mine with kroger vegetable oil and added a few chunks of hickory and let it go until it burned out.
  8. Thank you all for the advice. After it is painted up I will post the pics. Thanks to by buddy Martin, I finally have my UDS. Dam I cant wait to use this thing.WOOOO HOOO!!!!

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