Seasoning my smoker

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by dmwtx79, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. I've read several post on seasoning a smoker, but wanted to get some opinions from some of y'all.
    My smoker was a purchase that someone else had started and I have it almost complete. It has set out and has quite a bit of rust on the inside. I have took my grinder and wire brush and buffed it some but still has lots of rust.

    Will a hot fire in the fire box with some oil clean this up?

    I have seen some do burn outs on LP tanks wondered if this would be necessary?

    Thanks on advance for your input
  2. I see people burning out drums and propane tanks...but my assumption was that this was to burn off any chemical or petro nasties that existed in the previous life.

    If its just rust you have and aren't worried about the nasties, I would wipe down the interior with vegetable oil and get some smoke rolling.

    I'm still pretty maybe someone else will chime in.
  3. Thanks frijole! I'm thinking it's just a rust issue. Figured Id oil it down good and build a hot fire and see what happens.

    This is my first smoker build, so I'm no veteran myself
  4. If it's just surface rust I would get off what you can, oil that thing down, and get some smoke rolling through it.
  5. Will do! I have a good wire brush on my grinder

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