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    What's up everyone,

    A quick background on my situation-

    I've been watching my buddy smoke for the past few months or so, learning all the ins and outs of smoking pork and ribs. A couple weeks back I smoked my first pork shoulder and rack of ribs from start to finish on my own, and it came out great.

    I've got the whole process down, and I figured Labor Day weekend was a great chance to display my new found abilities and maybe showboat a little. I was gonna follow my friends method exactly, but then I thought maybe I should put my own touch on it.

    I've got the pork shoulder in apple juice right now, and I will be letting it soak until Sunday morning when I fire up the smoker. I threw some salt and just a touch of mesquite in the apple juice, per my friends recipe, and I've got hickory chunks and oak chips to smoke with.

    Now here is where I'm thinking about switching it up-

    I'm going to the store tomorrow, and I was going to pick up some onion powder and garlic powder, which is what my friend normally gets, and mix it into the apple juice. But as I said, I would like to put my own touch on it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on seasonings I could substitute? I'm definitely not looking for anything crazy or complicated, just something simple and maybe somewhat traditional to make my own mark on our cookouts.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    If you like a little heat to your food throw some cayenne pepper in it. Don't forget to post the q-views. Good smoking.
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