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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by thood, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. thood

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    I have a question, about sealing the firebox on the OKJ Highlander. I first tried the felt gasket but it was burning out in spots during my initial run. The temps held good in the cooking barrel but smoke was escaping out of some spots on the fire box cover. I scraped off the felt and put a bead of hi-temp silicone gasket sealer around it. But the lid doesn't fit tight against the silicone. What's the right way to apply the gasket material to get an even seal?

    Also another question, how important is it to seal the exhaust tube? At that point the heat and smoke has already made its way through the chamber. Other than the looks what does it matter if some of the smoke and heat escapes though the joint instead of out the end?

    Thanks to everyone on this forum for sharing their ideas. It made things easy to follow to modify my smoker.

    Tony. :grilling_smilie:
  2. blacktopbutcher

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    The best way to get the proper seal with silicone would be to close the door when the silicone has just been put on (still soft). You'd have to put something on the firebox body though so you don't glue you lid shut. I've heard of guys smearing Vaseline on the area where the silicone would mate to the fire box. I guess you could really use tape and just put some Vaseline over the tape. That's probably what I'll do.
  3. radioguy

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    You can use plastic wrap / wax paper instead of Vaseline. Works pretty good. You want a good deal on your chimney. A leak at top of cook chamber looses heat and you want the chimney for good draw. Column of air in stack causes good air draw.

  4. holes02

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    I just bought a OK Joe Longhorn. I have 1/2" black gasket on the way and will season this weekend.

    Both firebox and smoke chamber lids appear to be seated pretty well, but if the gasket doesn't keep it sealed, I'll probably get a couple latches: 

  5. smokejumper

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    Getting a good deal is always great, but a good seal is even better, [​IMG]

    RadioGuy is right that any heat and smoke that escapes the cook chamber reduces the strength of the chimney draw.

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