Sealing fire box to cook chamber

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  1. Hi, i am new to the forum and still fairly new to smoking meat. I have always used an old charcoal grill and did indirect heat and had good results. I just bought a Oklahoma Joe Highland smoker and wanted to seal the fire box to the cook chamber. I used a 2000°F wood stove fire caulk. Is that ok to use after i season the grill? Thanks for any info.
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    That will work....   also seal the doors...  try high temp silicone .....
  3. Ok, I was worried about the caulk putting off chemicals into the food. I ordered the lava lock tape for the doors and hoping that my buddy can make me a tuning pan for it. Thanks for the info.
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    Make sure that caulking is food safe what ever you do. I found a 1800 degree one but was warned to not be used for food. Most food safe is less than 800 degrees. So I gave up and I had mine was the only way....DO NOT USE RTV. IT MELTS @ 650. One full chimney of coals did me in. Lave lock is awesome stuff. But I had the same metal guy that welded my unit together also make my lids shut and fit correctly. It was well worth the money. I only wish he had time to grind out the bonded metal glue(jb-weld) on the outside ends of the cook chamber and have them welded. However thin metal is tough to weld without bending and warping. Takes real skill. Probably why they glue it.
  5. It's fine. Unless you're using the stuff inside the firebox, it's not going to do a thing if used on the outside seam of the firebox and cook chamber.
  6. I pulled the firebox apart and put a bead between that and the cook chamber then bolted it back together. Then i ran a bead between the top and bottom half of the firebox.

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