Screrwed up my grinder now what??

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by sparky30_06, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. So in a bone headed I wrecked my grinder blade.  I have a Cabelas pro450, entry level grinder.  As I was cleaning up I didn't see the blade go down into the garbage disposal.  I'm washing everything up and the dishwasher starts emptying and water starts coming up inito the sink.  no big deal turn on the disposal to clear out all the junk from cleaning up the grinder and when I hit the switch i heard a very nasty sound,  took me a min but then I realized what was in there.  What a bone headed move for sure.  Does anyone know where I can get a new grinder blade??  Would be a good time to get a new grinder and that thought did cross my mind but need to finish up my big smoker or get a bigger smoker befor I can increase production with a bigger grinder.
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    Cabelas usually has a parts list included with their grinders—for replacing parts that wear out or get damaged.

    That'd be my first place to check. Second would be to call Cabelas and if a parts list is not in the package, see if they carry the blade for your grinder in stock. Sometimes they do. About a two-week turnaround though.

    Sorry you had the mishap!

  3. smokinal

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    Why don't you give Cabela's a call. Maybe they sell replacement parts for their grinders.
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    How bad is the blade..... Can you clean it up with a small file just to get by till the new part comes in... How about posting a pic of it

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    1. Get one of them sink screen thingees...dollar store.

    2. Go to cabelas web site and do a little research.

    3. Discover that your grinder has a #8 neck.

    4. Order a new cutter from the comercial grinder page.


  6. venture

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    raptor gotcha covered. Knowing it is a #8, there are other sources, but that Cabela's price doesn't look bad.

    I bet you are not the first person this ever happened to.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  7. OK wasn't sure if there was a standard on these blades or how that works.  Getting my education threw screwing up and some great guys here.  I'll have to look and see if I can find anyone close by that has replacement parts so I don't have to have them shipped in and won't be down to long.  So #8 grinders are the same across the board when it comes to grinder disks and cuters??
  8. danmcg

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    Yeap an 8 is an 8 and twelve is a twelve, I have yet to do the same thing but I've come real close way to many times.
  9. mballi3011

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    I would check with the store and if they dan't have any maybe look at the blade and see how bad it is. You might be able o hit it with a grinder or something and repair it that way. Or maybe a friend might have a grinder.
  10. It's a lapped face on the cutter and a grinder would do more damage.  I'll take it with me to work, I have some stones there that I might try to fix it with or send it up to my dad to put in the lapping machine and try to save it.   Was hoping to take some sausage back home for christmas presents
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    Glue some wet dry sand paper to a piece of plate glass and rotate knife across it.  have been doing this for years also use it to sharpen the plate when it gets dull.  Almost any sporting goods store anymore will sell the part u need!
  12. If the edges aren't too bad I use a 2x6 hone stone with 2 different grits on it. rough to start and then the fine side to finish. It also works for the plate.
  13. tjohnson

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    Exactly what I was thinking

    Used this method on blades for the hair trimmer

  14. venture

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    Do it carefully.  That stainless steel is hard to work with.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  15. Venture, you are very correct stainless can be a pain to work with especially when you don't know the grade.  My father and late grandfather where both tool and die makers and now that my father has retired he opened up a small machine shop.  If I was back up north I would have just taken it out to the shop and had it cleaned up right quick.  Migh just toss it in the mail up to him and have him toss it in the lapping machine and make it nice and sharp.   If anyone needs any coustom machining done he specializes in small coustom parts too.  I'm hoping I can find a replacement cutter tomorrow so I can make some more sausage and snack sticks.

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