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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by scottyjrides, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. scottyjrides

    scottyjrides Newbie

    Greetings all.  I just received and assembled the 18" Weber Smokey Mountain and I am ready to venture into the world of smoking meat.  I have zero experience but I do enjoy eating slow smoked meats at the various BBQ joints in Texas.  Favorite is moist brisket.  Got on this forum to pickup tips for using the smoker.  Thanks!
  2. dukeburger

    dukeburger Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Welcome to SMF, Scotty.

    Lots of WSM users on here including myself. You're going to love it

  3. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Welcome from SC, Scotty. This is a great site with lots of folks who are always eager to share their ideas and tips. All you have to do is ask and keep reading. Go to the search bar and enter, Weber. This will direct you to a bunch of info on your smoker.

    Good luck and good smokin', Joe
  4. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Welcome to the forum Scotty. I have a WSM 18.5 as well, and have made a lot of things in it already(brisket, chicken, ribs, turkey, bacon etc). This is a great forum with a lot of good tips etc. Have used Bearcarver's step by step guides for bacons and it worked great :)
  5. scottyjrides

    scottyjrides Newbie

    Thanks for the greetings, everyone.  I have much to learn and a limited attention span (not good).  [​IMG]

    I plan on using the Weber this Sunday, just need to figure out a few things before then.  Was thinking brisket or another cut of beef.  Thought I'd try making a dry rub.  That's as far as I've gotten so far.  [​IMG]
  6. dukeburger

    dukeburger Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Smoking a pork butt is a good way to break in and season a new smoker. It's hard to mess up a pork butt and a good opportunity to learn how the WSM reacts.

  7. scottyjrides

    scottyjrides Newbie

    Thanks.  [​IMG]
  8. scottyjrides

    scottyjrides Newbie

    I smoked a brisket yesterday and it turned out pretty decent.  Learned quite a bit and know that I still have a lot to learn.  Will post more when I get a chance.
  9. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Cool, did you take some pictures of it? I need to get better at making brisket myself, have done a couple now where one came out really good

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