Scotty SS Wood Furnace Smoker

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  1. Still being on a quest to build a hot smoker...and not wanting to chew up power using 2000 or 3000 watt elements in my cold smoker....i decided it was time to retire my ol wood furnace in the shop,and by the looks of things it was a good idea!she was overheated multiple times over the years causing much stress and cracks,still....a good furnace that lasted me many years:)Living in the backwoods of nova scotia with plenty of hardwood varieties on my land,not making a wood fueled smoker didnt seem rite.This is the beginnings of the mods,plan to re install outside insulated shell of furnace and build somewhat of a shelter over it using metal siding/roofing:)any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated!enjoy:)))

    I installed a damper between the firebox and heat exchanger to help control temps,also a draft in the exhaust.The smoker part of the unit will hold 4-5 chickens,or 4 racks of ribs roughly.Gathered a couple 45gal drums to build a double UDS....but thought why not try this first?its pretty much already built without many mods:)more pics tomorrow installing shell,and with any luck ribs on the weekend:)
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    Looking forward to seeing that rib smoke!

  3. Finished up most of the smoker and decided to try a small 13lb turkey spatchcocked.Brined for 60hrs,then dryed off and injected with a butter/beer/spice recipie....dusted with paprika and pepper.Smoking with maple,the easiest since i heat my home with it:)Bird is currently in the furnace:)more pics to come
  4. 2 hrs in @ 225/250
  5. Bird temp 150,thinkin i need a better thermo in the smoker
  6. Pulled bird yesterday after 4hrs @225ish.174*in the breast a touch over cooked......however i hope to never do another oven turkey ,as this came out extremely juicy and great flavour!best turkey ive ever cooked hands down.Gearing up a rotisserie for the smoker now,free range chickens next:)
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