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  1. I spent over a year researching custom smokers and grills that would both be functional and look good in our yard.  With the help of an architect friend, and a buddy that is a highly skilled concrete guy, we got to work this spring, and I'm thrilled with the result.

    My first full run was for a Memorial Day party that included a 16lb packer brisket, 4 racks of ribs, an 8lb pork loin, 2 pork butts, burnt ends of brisket and pork, 7lbs of fresh kielbasa, and my signature smoked mac and cheese with bacon.  Everything turned out fantastic.  Not one morsel of meat was left over at the end of the day! 

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    That Looks & Sounds Awesome, Scott !! [​IMG]-----------[​IMG]

    And a Big [​IMG]  To You!!

    What part of PA did all this happen?

    BTW: Since this is your first post, could you please go to Roll Call when you get a chance & Introduce yourself, so everyone has a chance to Welcome you properly.

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    Great looking smoker & great looking Q!

    Nice job & welcome to the forum!

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  4. Thanks guys. I'm in Doylestown PA, North of Philly. I always loved grilling, but got the smoking meat bug while staying around Dallas TX for a few months back in '07. Got my hands on a large trailer smoker a couple times last year that worked great, but the wife wasn't keen on one being a permanent fixture in the yard, so you see the result. The offset firebox works great. Once to temp middle rack sticks at 225-250 and top rack 260-285 for around 3 hours. Had a quarter chord each of apple and cherry wood brought in to supplement to oak I already had. Smoked some salmon and bluefish with mesquite and hickory that turned out fantastic as well. Did them on bottom rack that is around 200 when middle rack is at 225.
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    Sounds Great, Scott !!

    I was born & raised in Quakertown----

    Doylestown being our County Seat (Bucks County), I've been there many times.

    We had some Great Football Games against "Central Bucks" for many years.

    Again---Welcome to you!


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