Scored a new MES 30 for $70.00 :)

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by iluvribs, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. iluvribs

    iluvribs Smoke Blower

    I sold my camper top today for $250.00 and my wife asked me, Well are ya gonna go buy that gun you've been raving about, i said no i think im gonna buy another telling ya you would have paid good money to see this one lol but she's right i really dont need another smoker but one of my buddy's has a cook shack and he cooks up some really good Q,  i have been wanting a electric smoker but  i agreed not to get one. I have a 18 and a 22 WSM with the BBQ Stoker (does a really good job btw) so tonite i got on craigslist and low and behold a guy listed a Brand new in the box never been used MES 30 for $70.00 i couldnt believe it so i called and meeting him in the morning 10 miles from me HA HA i told my wife the smoking Gods were smiling down on me, she just looks at me and shakes her head and im lmao
  2. pops6927

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    Hope it turns out to be as good a deal as it sounds!  Let us know and show off some Q in it!
  3. iluvribs

    iluvribs Smoke Blower

    im hoping so as well, he had pics of it on craigslist and all the paperwork was in the smoker with the door open and it looked brand new, i'll find out in the a.m. I already planned to smoke a butt tomorrow so if this works out i'll get it seasoned and use it, i'll be back tomorrow with whats up on this .
  4. deltadude

    deltadude Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I'm curious you have a WSM 18 & 22, and still want another smoker?  Dude you have two of the best smokers made.  What can a MES 30 do that a WSM 18 or 22 not do?

    Note, just asking out of curiosity, not being critical.  I have 4 sets of golf clubs in my garage, and am not currently playing.
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  5. tom c

    tom c Smoking Fanatic

    You can never have to many.
  6. iluvribs

    iluvribs Smoke Blower

    a MES can smoke without charcoal[​IMG]  I love my WSM's and had a smoke hollow propane (sold it) got the AMNS, got a hog roaster, a nice pilot grill and will probably get a MES 40 before winter depending on how i like the 30, i agree with Tom Ya cant have to many and i would love to build a 250 gallon reverse flow ( i have a full set of golf clubs in the garage that has never seen a coarse )
  7. iluvribs

    iluvribs Smoke Blower

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]i went to this guy's house this morning and there it was, never had been unpacked. Gave him $70.00 and got it home put it together and sprayed it with pam, filled up the tray with hicory chips and got burning on high right now, they were an elderly couple and he bought this for his wife for christmas last year thinking she would cook stuff in it for him, well niether one of them took intrest in it and it sat in there living room for three months, it's not the digital controlled one like i wanted but for this price i dont really care[​IMG]while i was letting the temp get up high, it was around 450, can someone tell me why there was a BIG PUFF of air that came out of this thing, almost like a small explosion inside, im thinking the chips caught on fire or some kind of spotaeneous combustion, ive never used a electric smoker before so any help would be apprecieated, Thanks.
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  8. deltadude

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  10. arnie

    arnie Smoking Fanatic

    That's exactly what happened

    I have heard them sound like a rapid fire gun as the wood chips ignite and snuff out in rapid succession

    Congratulations on your excellent score  
  11. iluvribs

    iluvribs Smoke Blower

    oh well, i did go back out later and figured out that it wasnt a 30 but then again i dont know nothin about them, but for the money im happy with it, got 2 slabs of baby backs in it right now, i'll post pics when there done, Thanks guys.
  12. rustyford

    rustyford Fire Starter

    Great catch. I found one that a coworker had. Her husband used it once and that's it. She said I could have it for $50 and some pulled pork every now and then. I think I can do that...
  13. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    You guys are very lucky at those prices,great deal.
  14. iluvribs

    iluvribs Smoke Blower

    First of all i want to clear up what i said....there was no box but all the paper work was in the smoker ( the instructions were in spanish ) and nothing was put together and still packed, i just assumed it was a 30 and thanks to delta dude and luv2q for helping me out there, now i know what i got , smoked up 2 slabs of baby backs and i must say that these are some of the best i have ever done, very good, the wife enjoyed them very much. heres a pic of tomorrows lunch, Thanks again Guys!

  15. deltadude

    deltadude Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    iluvribs, I smoked meat for years in my weber kettle, it was a real pain in the A..,  if I could have had your $70 analog smoker I would have been so extremely happy compared to smoking in the weber kettle.  So dude be proud you got a great deal, it's not going to cost you several hundred in equip cost to learn the basics and later if you feel you need to upgrade hey you can do that too.
  16. iluvribs

    iluvribs Smoke Blower

    oh im very happy with the analog, it worked very well. i'll be getting a MES 40 now for sure to add to my arsenal  ( bigger is better )  will pass the analog on to my son, and the several hundreds of dollars in equipment....too late,  i think a 40 would be great to use in the winter. I  used a weber kettle for a long time also then i joined this site and learned i didnt know as much as i thought i did ( still doing that lol ) Thanks!

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