Scarbelly Wings (Buffalo Style)

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  1. Got some on now. The weather here is perfect! I have been cooking stuff for three hours and have put everything short of a peanut butter n jelly sandwich on this thing!  [​IMG]      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I like the idea of injecting them...dry on the outside is the best...Gonna try the injection...[​IMG]
  3. this is on my 'got to try' list . .
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       If you haven't tried this, you don't know what you are missing!  Mouth watering, what's the hold up on the PBand J? Don't you have some apple wood? Who knows.

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  5. Ha ha ha, I am actually tempted to try it just for the hec of it!  Might be good!

    On the injection thing, when you do it be sure to inject all around the wing and not just one area. I'm sure most of you folks know better but I didn't. I only had the wing sauce in part of the wing. I guess I thought it would go all around. DUH
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  6. I am actually going to try these this weekend .. Hubs has a game night and while I don't eat chicken on the bone him and his friends do [​IMG] I have a boneless breast I am going to eat .. Should be good .. Thanks for the idea .. I am sure its going to be super yum
  7. Okay, I did these for the third time last night and I think I have them down to perfection! Well, almost perfection. Am going to have to try it several more times I think.[​IMG]

    The first time I didnt inject them very much and only in one side of drum and wing. The second time I was in a bit of a hurry and forgot the Tony C's creole and they just werent the same. Last night I injected them with as much as I could pack in there on all sides and sprinkled on the Tony's. Smoked them really slow with a mix of apple and hickory wood. Not patting myself on the back but these were the best wings I have ever had from anywhere, cooked any way, period! When we broke the wings apart from the drum the juice literally poured out!  Thanks to the OP for the idea! If you have'nt tried this yet but like wings, what ya waitin fer? 

    The only thing I would have done differently would have been to cook more!  [​IMG]
  8. I did make these for the guys and they did love them fallowed direction to the T .. they all said too salty which I think was the Tony's .. Next time I will make my own creole seasoning without so much salt .. 

    I have a bunch of wings waiting in the freezer for my next go around .. But Yes they loved the flavor [​IMG]
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    Man o Man them look amazing.. great job... Bet they were tasty
  10. Did my own variation on these (no injections) and used a 'hotter' seasoning then the creole the recipe calls for. Some of the best wings I've ever made ..... can't keep them in the kitchen LOL

    Thanks to the OP for a great recipe/starting point!

  11. s2k9k

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    I didn't use just Creole Butter, I mixed it 2:1 with Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce. I've also used Franks Sauce and Tapatio, Whatever I'm in the mood for. I think injecting them keeps them hotter because the sauce doesn't burn off during the smoking, it stays wet and juicy inside. I just use the Creole Butter to keep the chicken moist. You should try injecting them sometime, I think you will like it. I saw your thread and your wings look Really Good! I love wings and I love them all different ways! Thanks for reading my thread and making your variation on it, I think that's what this is all about, trying something new and finding what you like then changing it so you like it better!
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    Copied this one to my recipe archive.  I have got to try this....

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    These wings I have got to try, love Franks Hot wing sauce. I use it on several recipes I have. My next smoke will have these on the grill.:grilling_smilie:
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    That looks amazing. [​IMG]   I'm definately doing this exact thing next time. 
  15. Looks great. Looks pretty messy injecting those little things.
  16. s2k9k

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    Yea Scott it can get a little messy but it's actually a good thing because it gets the outside coated with sauce. I've gotten where I can do them pretty quick, I only inject once in each part and just move the needle around at different angles while injecting, this gets the sauce distributed all over the inside.
  17. This is a great idea. Would this work on a whole chicken? Has anyone tried something like that?
  18. s2k9k

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    I have not done a whole chicken but have done this to thighs and drumsticks and they were very good, also did split breasts then shredded the meat for sammies, also very good.
  19. Sounds like you've done a whole chicken Dave. Just not a put together one.
  20. Can you tell me what exactly is the Creole Butter? Is it something you mixed or something you buy already made? The wings look fantastic by the way. Good job.

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