Scarbelly Bonesucking Wings

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    WoooHooo! This made the carousel

    December 12, 2014

    Scarbelly Bonesucking Wings
    The only way to fly!

    This is my spin on Scarbelly Wings, these were made for our 4th annual Manday event, more on that later.

    For the Scarbelly Wings (RIP Gary, never forgotten) I made an injection of 2 parts Franks Red Hot and 1 part Scotties Creole Butter.

    Scottie's Creole Butter

    Kudos goes to Scottie Johnson from Chicago. Scottie is on a Championship Barbecue team named (Removed link due to forum rules) if you use this recipe, stop by and thank him, better yet, hit the Donate Button and make a donation. I just did and it only takes a second using PayPal.
    • 1 can beer of choice
    • 1 pound butter (I used unsalted because this will be added to the Franks and the wings seasoning is salty as well)
    • 1 tablespoon Big Time BBQ Rub (I used Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning)
    • 1 tablespoon paprika (I used 1.5 tablespoon paprika)
    • 1 tablespoon freshly ground white pepper (omitted due to cost)
    • 1 tablespoon sea salt (No salt added)
    • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
    • 1 tablespoon onion powder
    • 1 tablespoon dry mustard (I used 1.5 tablespoon dry mustard)
    • 1 tablespoon freshly and finely ground black pepper (I used 1 teaspoon)
    • 1 teaspoon cayenne
    Melt the butter in saucepan and add the beer and spices. Mix well. Let cool.

    Directions for injecting;
    • Warm the Creole butter and add 1 cup of creole butter to 2 cups of Room Temperature Franks Red Hot.
    • Fill the injector, Place wings in a bowl and inject over a larger Pyrex type dish.
    • Inject wings, smaller amounts in several places works best. 
    • Add some blue cheese and chopped celery to the drippings from the injection and add more marinade if needed. Coat wings liberally
    • Dust lightly with Mad Hunky or Tony Chacheres Creole Seasoning, place back in dish.
    • Cooked over fire or Cook in the oven at 325°+, these took about an hour.

    I made two batches of these, one was "Mad Hunky" and the other was "Tony Chacheres Creole Seasoning" and Brown Sugar.

    I was amazed at how easy it was injecting the wings, especially the wing end, it was pretty neat watching them puff up when being injected. I did have a couple "squirters" one shot all over my camera, oops.

    The Mad Hunky were the best, just hot enough to satisfy the masses, if you want these real hot, add 1 tablespoon of Cayenne to the Creole Butter in place of 1 teaspoon.
    For milder wings, use 2 parts creole butter to 1 part Red Hot and cut the Mad Hunky Hot Whang Rub in half or third with brown sugar


    The "Creole Scarbelly Wings" were done on the Schwenker and the "Mad Hunky Scarbelly Wings" were done in the Oven

    The oven wings were nothing short of Amazing, sorry smoke-heads.

    The meat is so tender you can literally suck it right off the bone.

    So I'm going to refer to these as "Scarbelly Bonesucking Wings"...






    • Creole/Brown Sugar





    • "Scarbelly, Creole Bone Sucking Wings" on the Schwenker.

    • "Scarbelly, Mad Hunky Bone Sucking Wings" in the oven.


    These truly are amazing, I am not one to give into all the hype, so I had to try these on my own, give it a shot, you won't be sorry!
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  2. That is some fine looking wings. The "SCARBELLY" wings are a must try for everyone.

    Happy smoken.

  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Great looking wings!

    Scarbelly style wings are the best!
  4. driedstick

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    Looks great, Nice job, Will have to give them a shot. 

  5. so ms smoker

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      Great looking wings SQWIB !  I love injecting wings (and legs) with Franks Red Hot and creole butter!

  6. bigtrain74

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    Nice job buddy. Just out of curiosity, do you personally like the whole wing over a "party" style wing? for me, I normally feed a bunch of people and cut my wings individually to make them go further.
  7. sqwib

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    To be honest at first I didn't care for the whole wing but after eating them on several occasions I prefer them, when you break the wing off the drumette you can literally suck the meat off like you would when eating crabs, thats the reason why I now call these Bonesucking wings.
  8. huskerrow

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    These look amazing!
  9. welshrarebit

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    Those look schwenktacular!!!!
  10. bigtrain74

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    Fair enough... I will honestly give it a whirl this weekend... It's going to make for a heck of an easier time prepping the wings. 
  11. dirtsailor2003

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    For me it comes down to presentation. I prefer to cook the whole wings when I want the look. I like to fold the wing tip back over the drumette prior to cooking. This in my opinion looks nice, but it also compacts the wing so you can get more on the grate (important when smoking on a Mini-WSM). ONe note it is sometimes hard to get the wing tip to stay put if you inject the wings to much. Which is evident in the second picture the wing way in the back wouldn't stay.

    With that said, if I am going to be feeding the masses I'll buy the 20 pound bag of wing parts from Costco and go that route. All this talk about wings has me craving a batch or three!
  12. sqwib

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    Try injecting them 2-3 days ahead of time, makes a difference.
  13. bigtrain74

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    I most definitely will... Maybe I will christen my mini this weekend... 
  14. oldschoolbbq

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    NICE[​IMG]  [​IMG]
  15. disco

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    These are stunning wings and I love your thread and qview.


  16. 99jaapie

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    Oh boy oh boy funny I had never thought of injecting the wings - gotta give this a try !!

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