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  2. Nice link, thanks for sharing
  3. I also would not want to insult Todd since I'm a very happy and satisfied customer of his....but I've been pondering these pellets (see following  link) for a while.  100% hickory and the price is great.  Does anyone have any experience with these pellets?  Especially in an AMNPS?  They also have 100% maple, cherry and oak pellets.

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    The one thing I will caution you on - try it first and make sure it burns OK. Todd grinds his dust to the degree that works in his smoker. I have tried others that are courser and they did not work. Let us know   
  5. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing Scarbelly.  Even though they're 100% hardwood, they might not be ground/manufactured in a way where they'd work well in the AMNPS.  I haven't had any problems with Todd's pellets... so like they say, if it ain't broke... don't fix it I guess....but I was really drawn to the price for 20 pounds of pellets....


  6. Interesting!!!!

    The 40 lb. bag is an even better deal.

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    Please don't get me wrong. I use and will continue to use products from Amazin. Great prices, shipping etc. I was just surprised at what was available. I'm not sure I could use much necterine. I would like to try some whiskey or wine barrels. I sometimes use a hotplate and old cast iron frying pan with ice for the buffer. Lotta smoke but not long lasting. The amazin smoker is hard to beat.

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    You do know that Todd has the Whiskey and Wine Barrels too right? I  just wanted to make sure folks know that all sawdust is not ground the same and may not burn well in the AMNS or AMNPS 

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