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Discussion in 'Beef' started by radio, Aug 23, 2014.

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    This advice was given to someone asking about cooking a brisket.  What say y'all?

    "set temp low like 200 and when it hits 130 in the flat wrap it in foil, let it hit 185, take it out wrap in towels and let it sit three hours. With an electric smoker I can get a 15 pounder done in less than 12 hours"

    This was my reply to the above post.  I tried to not be harsh, but still disagree with the OP. 

    There is no way that a 15 pound brisket will hit an IT of 185° in 9 hours cooked at only 200°. If that is what your thermometer reads for cooking chamber temp, I suggest you cross check it with a proven accurate thermometer. That internal temp and time would would be about right at a 250° cooking temp

    According to health regs for food safety, meat should hit 140° internal temp within 4 hours of the time it comes out of the fridge and not just the start of the cook. There is a risk of bacteria growth as the meat basically is in early stages of spoilage. Kinda like roadkill setting on hot pavement for 4 hours I suppose[​IMG]

    I would never cook any cut of meat at only 200°. Jerky would be the exception as it is thin sliced and the temp rises quickly, plus it has either salt or cure to take care of the bacteria issue
  2. Sounds like the original poster has a significant thermometer problem...
  3. I call BS......your reply was right on.


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