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    Hello Everyone

    After two months of not doing much of anything on Sunday i decided to make some sausages i did 15 pounds of summer sausages with hi temp cheddar cheese and 10 pounds of snack stix
    Sunday started out pretty good i got my smoker insulated and all set up during the two months of laying around i got up early around 0500 and started grinding mixing and stuffing around 0800 i put all the sausages into the smoker and turned on the power i opened the door to check things before i got going about my day when i touched the door i got a nice shock ouch something is wrong so i shut off the power and check it out i find that my heating element is broke in half
    so i go back into the house now what am i gonna do its Sunday nothing is open and not at this hour so i decide to drive across town to an appliance repair shop and i was right its closed well its a small town i figured i could knock on the door and get what i needed no problem i was wrong again i knocked on the door and a young lady answers the door hi i need a heating element dads not home he will be home around 5 pm give me your number i will have him call you when he gets back into town
    so i decide to go lok at the landfill its closed go to the wrecking yard no ovens there call all my buddys who have smokers one guy has a small oven and says i can get the burner out of it i do and go home and give it a go its now 2 pm everything is going ok 120 for an hour no prob 120 for another hour no prob raise temp up to 140 and smoker temp wont go above 125 i raise the temp up to 160 the smoker does not go above 125 raise the temp up to 180 and the smoker temp goes to 130 and i cannot get it above 130
    Stage two i move all the sausages into the wifes oven to finish them off i set the temp to 170 and the sausages take all night to get up to a safe eating temp i pulled everything out at 0430 and had to get up and go to work at 0500 so no sleep that night
    i work all day and come home and still have 7 pounds of Jerky to do so i load the GOSM up and set temp at 225 and smoked the jerky for 4 hours
    everything turned out great but what a long day here are the pics LOL

  2. got14u

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    Way to stick with it...I may have called it quits about half way through[​IMG]
  3. werdwolf

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    What staying power!

    Way to be strong willed (politically correct for stubborn) and get it done.
  4. cowgirl

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    Nice way to save the day Huey. Hope you got caught up on your sleep. [​IMG]
    The sausage looks fantastic. [​IMG]
  5. pineywoods

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    Huey way to stick with it and get er done [​IMG]

    Last year I had a problem while doing summer sausage as well. I had 75 lbs in the smokehouse which is wood fired everything was going well I raised the temp to 165-170 and then the rain came. It poured I quickly loaded some wood into the bed of my polaris ranger and pulled it under the pole barn just in time for the wind to pick up and blow the rain sideways into the pole barn. My temps went to crap and all the wood I had was soaked after 3-4 hours of hard rain. I ended up using the oven to finish it of course it wouldn't all fit at once so I had to keep the smoker going as hot as I could and as sausage finished in the oven I'd move more from smoker to oven. My nice summer sausage smoke turned into a 26 hour marathon with no sleep. Ya know the sausage came out pretty good and I'm sure yours did too
  6. salmonclubber

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    thanks everyone the sausages did turn out great

    Jerry thats quite the story i know how it is not having enough room to finish the sausages off it can be a pain butt the payoff is worth it tho

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