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  1. Been screwing around all day trying to post a pic and photobucket finally came through.

    The ring bologna was my second attempt but still no good. Too much pork fat and meat ground too fine. Back to the drawing board.

    The sausages are half smoked sausage (5#) and half bratwurst (5#). Seasonings from Lems (Backwoods).

    My old Bradley has the temperature variance I read about everywhere. Started these at 11:30 a.m. and gradually worked the temp up. Took them out at 5:00 but got a little careless with the temp towards the end. About 1# of each got overcooked but the rest are pretty decent. Mixed 1# of (overcooked) smoked sausage with some baked beans last night. There weren't any leftovers.
  2. Fresh outta the smoker even the bad is pretty good.
  3. Course I can't taste it, but my computer smell avision program says it good. Looks good, like the color, I would try a link with a slice of bread. CF 
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    Right-click on the image, use the Save Image As command, and select the .smf file format. Save the file to a jump drive, then you can carry the drive and scratch it to release the aroma.
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    It really is simple to post a pic. If you have it saved to your computer that is. Right above where you would type a reply you see six boxes starting with size etc... it is the one with the icon that looks like a little picture to the left of the one that looks like a piece of film. You can press the upload button and select the download for the pic you have to post. Much simpler than most other websites. Your sausage looks pretty good to me. Did you super cool it after you took it out in ice water? that might help keep it from fatting out after the fact.
  6. Looks tasty from here.

    Happy smoken.

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    B56, your sausage doesn't look bad at all ! you are your own worst critic ! [​IMG]
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    Those look tasty. Not sure what you mean about the ring bologna being ground too fine though. Ring bologna is an emulsified sausage and should be ground fine, like an oversized hot dog.
  10. I think cutting back on the pork fat would make aot of difference...had a ring last night and it really isn't that bad. I have high expectations..  :D
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    Sausage making is a lot of work..You did good..
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    YEP!  What ^^^ he said!

    Great work.
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    Even if it is only "decent", I guarantee it is way better than the crap at the grocery store. I looks delicious. That is the downside to smoking things for myself, I can't enjoy BBQ anywhere. It all is mediocre. At least around where I live

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